Balloon Flights in the Disney World area of Orlando Florida.  Rides Flown Daily at sunrise in Central Florida. Over35 Years Experience!

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Thompson Aire Guest Book.

Below are actual comments posted by our passengers.  You will notice that most of them have a flight date on them.  This is so you can go back on our calendar and actually see these are real people.  Anyone can have a testimonials page with several good letters they once received 5 years ago.  Here you can see that Thompson AIRE consistently does a fantastic job over and over and over for years. 


Honestly there is no better balloon company in Florida and don't take our word for it,,,,,  Read what our passengers have said!   post your own views of your flight experience. 


Thanks from "Capt Jeff"





Andrew Lemonofides
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jeff What a morning! What a phenomenal experience! The flight with you earlier today totally surpassed our expectations. Clearly that had much to do with your friendly banter, but also it is just so hard to describe how exhilarating an experience it was, amazingly quiet, superb views and just totally amazing. We were "blown away" with the whole experience end to end. Thank you, to you and your team, it was a massive highlight from our stay here in Florida. Andrew, Anne, Alexander and William Finchampstead, UK



Jennifer Neal
Port Huron MI United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I am on your calendar!
April 21 2017

Jeff and Juan were amazing. They work together like a well oiled machine!!! Jeff is so passionate about what he does and will answer any question you have and keep you chuckling with his rather bad jokes. You never know when there's one coming up lol. It is a beautiful and breathtaking experience! Afterwards you are treated to a fabulous breakfast buffet. Thanks again Jeff and Juan for keeping us safe and smiling


Joseph Pikey
Kennett MO USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
March 28 2017

Jeff and his parents are truly amazing people. They make you feel like part of the family from the time they pick you up until the end when it's time to say goodbye. Jeff don't just give you a ride in his balloon, he explains every little detail from start to finish about everything. My wife is afraid of heights and went on the ride, Jeff does such a good job on the take off and landing an the flight itself that my wife wasn't a bit afraid and said she wants to go again with Jeff. You will not be disappointed.

Bill Vonada
Bradenton Fl US
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 24 2016

Truly a unique experience. This family is completely immersed in this business. They will make this an unforgettable experience for you!




Greg, Maria & Eric Eckley
Palm coast Fl
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
June 13  2016

My husband took me in a flight on our 25th wedding anniversary. Today, we celebrated our 30th anniversary plus our son's high school graduation by a balloon ride with Capt. Jeff. We couldn't think of a more memorable way to celebrate these 2 very important times!!! What a beautiful ride. Thank u Thompson Aire





The Mercy's
Tampa FL USA
Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
I would do it again tomorrow..
June 11 2016

We wanted to send out a quick thank you to your family for making our trip truly magical! The ride itself was amazing, with all of the beautiful vistas, but what made it truly memorable was the staff. We felt like we were spending the day hanging out with family and friends. Thank you Thompson family and staff for making it so memorable! The Mercy's


Derek & Alejandra
Orlando FL USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes and I can not wait!!!
May 25 2016

What a GREAT experience!!! I chose Thompson Aire when I decided to propose to my girlfriend because they had a proposal package that no other balloon company was offering. We've always wanted to go on a flight... So, on her birthday, I drove her to the meeting site and surprised her with a hot air balloon ride; she was so excited! Little did she know, I was going to propose :). Capt. Jeff was our pilot that morning; he was very entertaining and knowledgeable; GREAT JOKES too!. Capt. McCourt was serving as the balloon "chase/g round crew" who was secretly transporting my parents and my girlfriends two sons to a secret spot... About 30 minutes into the flight, Capt. Jeff began to pretend the radio wasn't working properly, and said he needed to get closer to the ground to receive a message from the ground crew. As soon as we flew over the dense portion of trees, there stood the ground crew with a sign "Will you Marry me?"; when she turned around, there I was on one knee with her ring. She was both shocked and blown away! She said YES :). We later landed for a champagne toast and a breakfast buffet. These guys are true professionals; they pulled everything off perfectly! I'm glad I booked my flight with them and will recommend them to anyone seeking a balloon flight; it is an experience we will never forget! Thanks again Capt. Jeff and McCourt; you guys are awesome and make a great team!!!


David and Sharon Powell
ZELLWOOD FL United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
May 30th 2016

Wanted to give my wife something different for her birthday. Thought a balloon ride would be nice. Researched which companies are the best and chose ThompsonAire because they had smaller groups. It was the best choice! We had a wonderful time. Very safe, professional, except the jokes, knowledgeable, everything was so great! Captain Jeff was great and so knowledgeable about ballooning and the area. Picked a spot to land from 13 miles away and hit it to a yard. Amazing...we would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone!!!



Dan Swanson
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 8 2016

Capt. Jeff made a day that I knew was going to be hard on my mother a day she would never forget On May 8th 2015 she lost her husband and I lost my father They both always wanted to fly in a balloon I miss my opportunity for him Capt. Jeff completely put my mom at ease without even knowing what had happened a year ago She didn't stop talking about the flight for days to come and said she was at peace with everything for the hour flight Thank you Thompson Air that flight meant more to me than you will ever know Thank you Dan Swanson


Keith & nicola clough
Haslingden Lancashire uk
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 13 2016

I wanted to thank Jeff for making my wife's birthday balloon flight an amazing experience she has a fear of heights which never bothered me once during the flight and we cannot wait to come back to Orlando and do it all again. amazing a must for everyone 100% even some of is jokes



Clark and Lisa Fowler
charlotte NC United States

Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
May 11 2016

Other words to describe this experience breathtaking. Celebrated our 23rd anniversary would do it again. My husband has a fear of heights and he had no problems. Very professional and friendly and knows what they are doing. Pilot was very entertaining as well Would recommend and have to anyone including if you have children.


Irving, Rebecca, Ava and Bonnie
Halifax NS Canada
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Feb 28 2016

Our hot air balloon flight with the folks from Thompson Aire was extraordinary! The flight was serene and the views were breathtaking. This is a must do! The Thompson family has decades of experience and are highly skilled and professional...not to mention funny! We can't thank Jeff, Jon, Doug, Jim, Connie and Juan enough for the experience they provided us. We will be back!



Cathy Kemmerlin
Darlington SC USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Oct 26 2015

What a great time! No anxiety whatsoever! Was the most peaceful experience that we have ever had. Jeff was not only a great captain but was very entertaining as well. Flying in a hot air balloon has always been an item on my bucket list. Glad to say I did it and can't wait to do it again with Thompson Aire. Very professional and knowledgeable group of guys! I actually surprised my fianc with this adventure and he has thanked me over and over and said it was so awesome!! Of course he thinks I am too for coming up with the idea!!! Thanks again to Je ff, Kimmy, and everyone else at Thompson for being a 5 star company and for making our experience something that we will never forget! See you next year!


Jacqueline Harris
The Villages and Boca Raton Fl
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 9 2015

This was, by far, one of the most thrilling and beautiful experiences one can ever have. Jeff, the owner and our pilot, made the experience interesting, educational and absolutely fun. This was a Bucket List wish and Thompson Aire not only made the wish a reality but one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Everyone associated with the company was professional and warm. Thank you Jeff! Did I say it was thrilling and wonderful? Thank you again Jeff! I must fly again with Thompson Aire...and soon.




Peter,Tina,Gemma and Amy Durkin
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
Aug 9 2015

We wanted to get married while on our trip to Florida and could not think of a better place to do that than in a balloon. Captain Jeff was great, very entertaining and professional. The whole day from unpacking the balloon to leaving after breakfast was a real experience and even I should be able to remember my wedding anniversary date!



Donna LeBlanc
New Bedford Ma
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 26 2015

My Husband and I Absolutely Loved Our Experience! It was the most Amazing Calming Beautiful Ride♡ A Smile was had the Whole Time♡ Pilot Jeff and his helper Juan were Awesome and Very Friendly This is a must do!!!!! ♡ Ty

Brett Livingston
Orlando FL USA
rWords simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Aug 23 2015

I wanted to celebrate my wifes birthday with a hot-air balloon flight. I have heard of Thompson Aire on the radio station for a few years. I researched Thompsons website as well as two other balloon companies. It was easy to make the choice to go with Thompson Aire. Now for my experience. On the confirmation call the evening before the flight I informed Captain Jeff Thompson that this was a special event. Although we were celebrating my wifes birthday, I explained that she doesnt like to be the center of attention. Captain Jeff promised that they would recognize the event without going over the top. They kept their promise with a tasteful birthday recognition and a unique trinket for a birthday gift. We arrived early and my wife only found out that we were taking a balloon flight at the pre-flight briefing. Captain Jeff explained everything so well in the pre-flight and introduction that my wife started to get excited about the adventure. There were two other couples (all strangers) flying that day. Captain Jeff and his crew had us laughing and talking with each other in minutes. They continued the pre-flight explanations outside before we loaded up in there roomy vans to head for the launch site. It was a short drive and the ground crew chatted with us and answered all the questions we had. The crew entertained us with additional information about our upcoming flight and ballooning in general. It was exciting to watch the crew set up and inflate the balloons for the day. They worked well as a team and continued to elevate our confidence in their abilities. Time to climb aboard for lift-up. Getting into the balloon was really easy. We floated gently away and watched the ground crew shrink away beneath us. Balloon flight is difficult to describe but I will try: INCREDIBLE, EXHILIRATING, PHENOMENAL, RELAXING, SOOTHING, SPIRITUAL, AWE-INSPIRING, FUN, FUN AND FUN! The limited number of passengers allowed us to interact with our pilot throughout the entire flight. Two Thompson Aire balloons took flight that day and what luck, we were assigned to Captain Jeffs balloon. This is at the very top of the list of incredible things that I have done. You could not pry the grin off my face with a crowbar. I simply could not stop enjoying myself. My wife was loving it. She says it is the best birthday gift she has ever received. We passed over several neighborhoods, waving at the people below. We even chatted with people on the ground as we floated by. We could hear the call of morning birds in the wooded areas we crossed over. Captain Jeff glided us in for a silky smooth landing followed by a classic champagne toast and more entertainment with the crew and other passengers. The breakfast buffet at the resort gave us all a chance to share how remarkable the flights had been. Both balloons had taken to similar flight paths but at different altitudes so we had stories to share. Then more entertainment from Captain Jeff and the crew. They shared funny experiences while we enjoyed breakfast together. The first flight certificates added to the fun of the day. The website at Thompson Aire is very informative and accurate in the attempt to describe the adventure. But words cannot truly convey the experience that you will have. This is my first balloon flight and when we go again I will choose Thompson Aire. I have been told that there are cheaper balloon flights available. The experience we had with Thompson Aire makes them my only choice.


Debbie Coomber
Khartoum Kh Sudan
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 2 2015

Wow - absolutely fantastic balloon trip. Impressed with the professionalism, expertise, passion and excitement. One of the best days of my life :) Thank you!



Gabriel & Lorena
Sao Paulo SP Brasil
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 4 2015

Absolutely Fantastic! One of the best experiences I've ever had! Thought it would be an unforgettable surprise to propose in a balloon... It couldn't have been any better!! The balloon ride is an amazing experience and everyone should try it if they have the chance. Our pilot Jeff made the ride even more special. From the moment he picked us up from the hotel till when he came back with my sunglasses the next day. He's so passionate about balloons, you can tell he loves what he does, and I'm certain he'll tell you his impressive story and resume! He knows so much about ballooning and the area, he'll make you feel safe, keep you entertained, and let you enjoy the beautiful scenery! Pictures and video came out perfect. Thank you so much Capt. Jeff and Thompson Aire Team


Leah King
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
April 11 2015

I just have to say this was the best part of my Florida vacation! Captain Jeff was so knowledgeable and we learned so much from him. We didn't just have a 60 minute balloon ride. We learned about planning where to take off, we with setting up the balloon and also putting away the balloon. During this time, Jeff was sharing his passion and knowledge. Even during breakfast after the ride, we were still enjoying the whole experience. I would recommend Thompsonaire over other companies I looked into just for the small group experience!!


Seun Sotinwa

Atlanta, GA

April 14 2015

I awakened my soon to be fiance advising her we would be going on a swamp tour, we sat sleepy at the Disney Caribbean Disney resort bus stop, myself excited knowing I was about to propose and my adventurous girlfriend falsely expecting to walk through a swamp and spot a few gators thinking nothing could top the day at the magic kingdom before now. Jeff arrives and pick us up, immediately treating us like old friends, we felt so comfortable and entertained by him on the drive to the meet up spot at main gate resort. Needless to say she realizes its a balloon ride and is ecstatic. Upon arriving we met up with others expecting a thrill and are given an introduction. We get back into the van ready for the balloon ride with John our pilot who cracks us up and Ms. Connie Jeff and Johns mum full of wisdom.

Im comfortable the whole time and dont feel the need to divulge I have a terrible or as some have said severe fear of heights. We get to the field and assist with getting the hot air balloon filled up which Is quite exciting and before you know it we are about to set sail into the clouds. Im initially fine and as we soar I start to get nervous(ring burning a hole in my pocket), John our pilot immediately notices my body language and checks on me, he realizes I have a fear of heights, understands Im about to propose and immediately starts to talk with me, joke with me easing my fears preparing me for the question Im about to ask my girlfriend. When its time I pop the question and my fiance is thrilled, all of my fear is gone having received a yes! And knowing Im in Johns capable hands I begin to truly enjoy the this beautiful flight. I will say if you have a fear of heights you have nothing to worry about in a balloon not with Jeff and John at the helm. Take it from a man who cant climb past the third floor without crawling on staircases with a view. It was truly a magical experience more magic than the magic kingdom and not only will I not forget it I cant wait to experience it again the next time we are in Florida.

Njide and Seun!

Thank you, John!
Thank you, Jeff!

John, Jeff, my grandkids will hear your bad jokes that warmed Njide and Is hearts!



Gerardo & Jennifer
KIssimmee FL USA
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
I would do it again tomorrow..
March 8 2015

I must admit I was a little skeptical when I first booked. It was our first time and I planned to propose to my Fiance so I wanted everything to go perfectly smooth. After a few failed attempts to fly due to the bipolar weather Florida State has to offer, we finally got to fly. Everything was amazing!!! Jeff really knows his stuff and I would trust him with my life in a Hot Air Balloon again without hesitation. He is a very well rounded individual that will make you laugh. The best part was that the whole team was the same. We got to meet Jef f's parents, wife, and Kids which was comforting. You really get to trust someone when they are willing to share parts of their life with you. Our Flight and Proposal was great and went just as planned. We took off smooth and landed even smoother. The only hiccup we faced was Jeff's Camera couldn't record the proposal. Nothing Jeff could do and it was very understandable because technology can be very unpredictable. All in all, we couldn't have ask for a better pilot and my fiance and I are planning on coming back very soon. Next time we will be bring our kids along which just shows you how much Jeff and his Family can be Trusted. Thanks Again Thompson Aire for the WONDERFUL experience. A Definite Must Do


Eugene and Bessie Lush
Torbay Nl Canada
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
March 11 2015

Loved the ride amazing would do it again .our pilot Jeff was very informative Is doing what he loves since he was a kid. Would highly recommend this company if you decide to take a hot air balloon ride. if you are scared of heights you won't be scared on this ride.



Ivan Kahana
Orlando FL USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 22 2015

What a magical and perfect birthday/proposal experience!! Thank you Jeff, for making sure my proposal surprise was better than I could have imaged! Lauren and the kids and I, now have an amazing memory to cherish for the rest of our lives! Words truly can't express the quiet beauty of floating in the air while watching a gorgeous sunrise (although our pics and video sure help!!) Highly recommend to anyone considering the experience!!


Marty Wisher
Cape Coral FL United States

Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 21 2015

What an amazing experience for my 50th birthday! A hot air balloon ride was on my bucket list and Thompson Aire certainly made it a total joy. Everyone likes to tease pilot Jeff about his balloon jokes ( and he never runs short of them) , but it's his knowledge of the history of ballooning that was impressive. Well, the history and the lovely air ride. It's family run, so Jeff's mom, dad, and brothers were all there and they make you feel like family. Thank you for a lovely birthday ride!


Icaro Silva
Orlando FL Brazil
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 14 2014

On 02/14/2015 I did a surprise to my Girlfriend, told her on the night before we were going to a Balloon ride. At the beginning she was kind of scared, but after the first 2 min with Capt. Jeff on air, he made us feel so comfortable and secure that she even start to look around and down to the land. I end up proposing to her in the same day with the help of the Thompson team and Capt Jeff, It was one of the best moments of our lives. Great view, plenty of space to get down on my knees and propose to her. After she read the banner that was waiting for her i n Land, she was all tears of joy. Impossible to describe. Definitely a great place and atmosphere to pop the question to a girl. Thank you one more time Capt Jeff and Thompson Team.


Denise hodgson
Clevland En United kingdom
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Jan 25 2014

Just got back from my first ever hot air balloon experience, the ThompsonAire family are so good at there jobs I really felt safe and secure with captain Doug ,and the ground crew are really special! Just. Do. It. ,!!



Jeryl & Scott
St. Cloud FL USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Dec 19 2014

This outfit could not be more professional, knowledgeable or friendly. I am recommending Thompson Aire to all my friends.


Andy Shaw
York En England
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Dec 11 2014

My wife and I had a very memorable experience thanks to Jeff and his team jokes and all. My wife was a little nervous before we set off, but once off the ground she felt safe and loved every minute. Such a lovely peaceful way to travel can see why Jeff loves his job so much. thanks for a great morning.


Sergio Alonso
Cape Coral FL USA
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Oct 20 2014

After doing my research, I decided to go with Captain Jeff of Thompson Aire. His experience and knowledge made the flight incredible. Words cannot express the experience of the whole flight. Captain Jeff and Kim were very accommodating for my daughter's quinceanera pictures before, during and after the flight. They made us feel like part of the family. My 15 year old daughter simply put it as: "It was a dream come true, and completely unforgettable!" I highly recommend Thompson Aire. The skies are truly their domain. :) Thank you, Captain Jeff & Kim for the unforgettable experience. We'll be back soon!



Mike Dawkes
Le Vaud VD Switzerland
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Sept 16 2014

My first flight with Kim and Juano, simply great, well maybe not the jokes. If you have never done it and think that it is too scary for you then you should stop hesitating and sign up now. Not at al like being on a high building or an open elevator. After this flight I want to do more.


Donna and Tim Peterson
Logan Oh United states
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 31 2014

This was our first flight .... For our anniversary. It was an AMAZING trip. Juan and Kim were awesome !!! We would recommend Team Kimmy. We had a wonderful time. They are so friendly, professional and well educated about the process and make it very interesting. Everyone gets to help with the launch and landing. We learning a lot. Thank you Kim and Juan.



Richard I. Custode



Captains Jeff and Kim really made our vacation. Our family of 5 was enthralled from the youngest to the oldest and each of us was able to participate from set-up to take down which really added to the experience in the best possible hands-on kind of way. The level of skill and finesse is OUTSTANDING. If you want your moneys worth and more importantly, safety and the kinds of memories families cherishthis is the way to do it.

Richard I. Custode



W. Gail Custode



I tried to write this testimonial in a way that didnt sound boastful but instead, Im just going to be brutally honest because reviews and testimonials are read to help people make decisions.
After reviewing the websites of many Balloon Companies in the area, this one seemed to have the most experienced pilots and the best track recordIt delivered even MORE than it promised for our family of 5.
We were able to participate in set-up and take down.
Our balloon had seats, other companies required standing.
We flew farther, higher, and longer (over an hour of air time) than at least a dozen other Balloons we could see from the air.
We had a balloon for just our family while other companies packed their baskets with people.
We had a Champagne Toast after the flight.
We had a sit down buffet breakfast (with an Omelet Chef) in air-conditioned comfort after the flight.
We were encouraged to ask questions and had them answered.
We learned A LOT!
There was something for EVERYONE from the youngest to the oldest of us.
Captain Jeff and Kim are the BEST!

W. Gail Custode




Vittorio Ivan Custode (age 17)
Nicola Machiavelli Custode (age 14)
Richard Giancarlo Custode (age 8)



If you want the BEST VACATION EVENT EVER, this is the thing to do! Captain Jeff took our parents and us up in a Hot Air Balloon and it was AMAZING! We helped to inflate the balloon and to pack it up after. One of the best parts was making echoes. And there were lots of jokes!

Vittorio Ivan Custode (age 17)
Nicola Machiavelli Custode (age 14)
Richard Giancarlo Custode (age 8)



Frank Towns
Stocksfield No England
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
July 27 2014

What an amazing experience. Doug our pilot skimmed the tree tops and picked pine cones for the kids. It was so peaceful you really did feel like you were 'on top of the world'. We even saw 'bambi'running through the trees. The champagne toast was also a lovely touch. Thanks for a fantastic morning, and the breakfast was fab too.


Susi Kuhar
Indialantic Fl USA
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 25 2014

We celebrated my Mom's 70th birthday with a hot air balloon ride. Team Kim and Jonathan took such great care of us! Lots of laughs, smiles, and beautiful scenery were enjoyed by all. This was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you Thompson Aire for helping us soar my Mom into her seventies!


Myra Merillo
Spring Hill Fl USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
May 10 2014

Team Kimy with Jonathan were the BEST! This had to be the most relaxing thing I have ever done. I have jumped from an airplaine, swam with whale sharks and been in a feeding frenzy in a shark rodeo but this was the best thing yet. No words to explain - just have to do it. Thanks for a great experience



Melissa & Abelardo Cruz
DADE CITY Fl United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I am on your calendar!
May 11 2014

Team Kimy rocked it! We had such a wonderful time. Team Kimy is a great group of people who are very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. To my wonderful Hubby Macho, celebrating 25yrs of Marriage cheers to another 50yrs..


Bonnie Dingler
Inverness FL US
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
May 10 2014

OMG! This was the most incredible day! I was a little concerned because I am afraid of heights, but this is like floating in Heaven! Everyone was so professional and really funny, even Jeff's corny jokes! Our pilot Doug and our ground crew Leo were totally awesome! Everyone is a wealth of knowledge and everyone had such a great time. If you are going to ever go up in a hot air balloon, these are the people to take you! You guys are the best! Thanks for fulfilling one of my dreams!!


Don Minassiian
Mahwah NJ USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
May 9 2014

My wife, myself and my adult son (who is developmentally disabled) had the pleasure of flying with Thompson Aire and we couldn't be happier. My wife has a fear of heights and is somewhat claustrophobic, but from the outset, her fears were eliminated by the professionalism of John, Jeff and their crew. Their attention to detail cannot be overstated. I hope to use their services the next time we vacation in Florida and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family alike (we've already recommended them to to an individual we met this evening.) My son i s still talking about the flight and his experience. I'm sure everyone will hear about it when we return home. While admittedly this is the first time we've ever flown in a hot air balloon, I can't imagine another company doing it any better or making us feel any safer. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended, 5 stars doesn't do them justice! THANKS AGAIN'!!!!!!!!



Barbara Glasgow
Naples Fl US
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
April 13 2014

My grandson and I took the flight this morning; it was my gift to him on his 18th birthday. We both really enjoyed it and learned so much! Kim was our captain and Juan was our crew -- both so polite and funny at the same time. I want to repeat this experience (I have 2 more grandsons coming up) and will readily recommend this to my friends. Thanks thanks thanks. Barbara




Lynda Dean
Tallahassee Fl US
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
March 27 2014

To say this was the highlight of our trip does not say enough. My son and two grandchildren joined me for one of the best experiences I have been fortunate enough to enjoy. Flying in a plane is ALWAYS an anxiety producing ordeal for me, but I felt no nervousness at all during this balloon flight. The most amazing thing is that my fear of heights did not come into play at all. I appreciated the professionalism and competence of our pilot, Kim, and hope that we are able to do this again.



Samantha Dean
Rogers Ar
United States
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
I would do it again tomorrow..
March 27 2014

This was absolutely amazing. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am normally scared of heights, I can hardly stand on top of tall things without getting nervous. But this was so different. I felt safe and comfortable in the basket. The view was extraordinary and the staff is very professional and personable. I would recommend this to anyone. Capt Kim and Barbara were amazing. Thank you so much for this experience.



David Rabaja
Windermere FL
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
March 9 2014

Had a great time with Capt Kim and Jonathan. Lovely ride on a smooth balloon made it great for me and my daughters. See you again! ps...the year is 2014... :)


Marissa and Brittany
Tampa Fl United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 14 2014

I took my girlfriend for valentines day a little nervous because I get motion sickness BUT JOHN WAS AMAZING he actually while talking to me took off and did it so smooth he had to TELL me we are off the ground!!! No words can do this justice the experience the sights spectacular. By the way as a lesbian couple I was also nervous every single staff member gave us over the top customer service from the parents of Jeff to our main man john who was our pilot I almost forgot to come back and do this because of my busy schedule but I had to too tell everyone. Side note to john we are still looking at pictures 2001 wish I could upload the collage I made ♥



Keith Frazier
Melbourne Fl

These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
March 1 2014

3/1/2014--Our 38th wedding anniversary first flight was prompted by a statement my somewhat "high anxiety" wife stated long ago, "I've always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon". As the giant bladder was inflating my wife comes to me & states, "I don't think I can do this". I said, "Aw, Cindy, you'll be fine". And, she was & we were as we silently lifted up into the crisp, early morning blue sky as the sun was just peeping over the horizon. "The wind blows where it wills" & so w ere we. However the balloon was also piloted by an astutely credentialed & skilled pilot, Jeff, who guided our balloon through the wind currents, floating just above the tree tops of an ancient cypress swamp to silent heights awy from the din of traffic. As we made our descent to our landing spot, Pilot Jeff skillfully maneuvered this gian "bubble" to a precision, soft landing. Thompson Aire proved to us that they are customer oriented. Everything about this flight was VIP from beginning to end, including their capable 2 man ground crew. We highly recommend this company.



Bill & Renae Neumann
Buffalo MN United States
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 19 2013

This was the first family vacation we have taken. It was so much fun. We simply have not stopped talking about "our balloon ride" in Florida. The pictures were took from the air were amazing. All three of our kids had no fear of being in the sky or touching the tree tops. The captain put them all at ease. After landing, the history of ballooning was great and so well done on site. We would certainly do this again!!


Robin Dennis Florian
Rockledge Fl
Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 25 2013

John (our pilot) and the whole Thompson air crew made our Christmas Day special, as we left there I new I was it was a special day. The couple who rode with us, was going thru a trying time with the loss of her hair, she sure had a wonderful smile. It's nice when a simple act can bring a smile, and bring tears to me and the wife all the same time. Thanks for making memory's for a life time.


Richard & Barbara Lindley
Driffield, East Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
On more than one occasion!!
Nov 12 2013

Just flown with Thompson Aire again (we got married on our last flight). What more can you say that hasn't already been said....professional, dedicated, enthusiastic,knowledgeable, fun and very friendly. On our first attempt for this flight we got to the launch site and Jeff decided conditions weren't satisfactory and took us all back to the meeting point, showing that safety is their top priority. We then flew a couple of days later and the flight was fantastic. We flew low over some houses and people were wav ing to us and taking photos. We had the pleasure of Gina and Ava for our ground crew (Jeff's wife and daughter). Ava is definitely a Thompson and is there every morning with the balloons. It was Jeff's birthday on the day we flew but we said we wouldn't tell anybody that he was -- years old!! We have one criticism. Having flown with Thompson Aire four times we have heard all the jokes Jeff, have some new ones for when we fly with you again!! Thanks for yet another amazing experience.


Kathy Lewis
Winter Springs FL US
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I can not wait to bring my friends!
Oct 26 2013

There were 5 in my group to celebrate my 40th birthday. My Dad flew with us and summed up the experience beautifully... And God created hot air balloons to calm our jittery nerves, and bring us to a sense of peace and tranquility. And, from the depths of the darkness of night at predawn, He raised us into the light and height of a new day. And He provided the drafts to float us up over the bilge of the tainted earth, and release us into serene beauty. And the Lord blessed our new space with whispers of contentment, and murmurs of delight. And behold, we were transformed and delivered into a new and refreshing kinship with His mysterious creation. -TJAglio



John Andrade
New Bedford MA USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Nov 15 2013

We had a great time, and everyone at Thompson Aire was very helpful and courteous! Our pilot Doug and Leo were funny making the ride to and from launch site enjoyable! The owner Jeff is extremely knowledgeable! He makes the experience very comfortable. This was the best spontaneous adventure we've done yet! ....and we've done a lot! Thanks again to all the staff and Doug for making our flight memorable. Sincerely, John, Diane, Crystal and Tim!!


Future Mrs. Jessica Webster
Orlando Fl USA
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Yes I have flown with you!
March 29 2013

I want to commend all T.A. And Pilot Kim. My flight this year was a complete surprise from what I thought was a birthday gift that turned into a proposal from my now finance Josh. This was such an amazing, life changing and memorable experience. I will never forget that day. Pilot Kim made it such a fun day, he included us in the activities, as much as permitted. I can say this experience is something that will forever be engrained! Thank you again T.A. And Pilot Kim!!!



Mitch Eick
New Port Richey Fl
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Oct 21 2013

Capt. Jeff made us all feel the joy of ballooning. Their regard for safety was second to none. He both educates and amuses everyone. They were very accommodating for my handicapped mother in law so that she too could experience this with us. I enjoyed the chance to help inflate the balloon before flight, and pack it all up once we had landed. The toast and the prayer were a fitting conclusion. The buffet breakfast afterward was excellent as well. You all will love his daughter Ava. Such a sweetheart.



s.farthing,j farthing
cardiff uk wales/uk
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 1 2013

my wife and I have flown 4 times with Thompson Aire . there are many great things written here about Capt Jeff and his crews from the bad jokes to the skill and passion of the pilots, all of it is true and we will be back again next year for our fix of capt Jeff and Thompson Aire .



Dee Toohey and Stewart Unruh
Longwood FL USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 3 2013

Words can not express my thanks to the Jeff Thompson and his crew/family! Their website is informative, the preflight instruction and information was helpful and everything Jeff says is true! He fully prepares you for every aspect of your flight before you get in the van to head towards the launch site. The flight experience is breathtaking. You glide through the air and just enjoy the sights that the weather of the day permits. Jeff can identify anything on the ground as you fly. What a wonderful way to spend our 10th anniversary! If you are in the Orlando area, I highly recommend you spend some time flying with Jeff and his crew! You won't be disappointed.

Kissimmee Fl
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
June 21 2013

Hi Jeff and Crew. On holiday in America, what a way to spend an 81st birthday, what a great birthday present from my son and daughter-in-law. Jeff, that was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had. Telling us about your life flying was very interesting, your jokes were very good too. Your crew were very friendly. All in all it was the high light of my holiday. Also I,have been out walking every morning and watching the balloons going past, what a wonderful sight, every time I now see a balloon I will think,of you all. Once again thank you for making my holiday so unforgettable. I may be back some year! Joan Armstrong Brisbane, Qld. Australia Fri. 28th. June 2013



Sharon & David Myers
Durham UK England
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
June 17 2013

To anyone who is thinking about doing a hot air balloon ride, this is the only company you should be looking at. Very professional, in a very relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of been in very safe hands both in the air and on the ground! They are very informative, knowledgeable and friendly. These guys know what they are doing! This is the first time we have ever took a balloon ride and after all my research on who to use we knew straight away we had made the right choice. The night before the ride we were disappointed with the weather as we didn't think it would go ahead, but it did and it was absolutely fantastic. We didn't even mind getting up at 4.30am in the morning for a 5.30am pick up at our hotel. The whole experience made up for the early start! The views were amazing along with all the knowledge and history of the area Jeff knew. We didn't even know we were off the ground til we were about 10 foot up, the take off was so smooth as was the landing. I am afraid of heights but this was not an issue, you had no feeling of motion which makes you feel sick! and I even stood up most of the flight and looked over the side (something I didn't think I would do!) this was how safe Jeff made me feel. We had every confidence in him. Like they say on their website they are not the cheapest but they are the best and we would definitely back them up on this. No wonder they are some of the best pilots in the USA! We picked this date as it was a memorial birthday for my Dad and been up in the sky just felt like I was floating in heaven with him! Catching the cork on our landing just confirmed it was meant to be! When we come to back Florida the first booking will be the holiday and the second will be another booking with Thompson Aire to fly with Jeff, look forward to seeing you all again. Sharon and David Myers Durham, UK p.s. don't change the jokes! its what makes you you!!!


Theresa and Adam Jones
Franklin TN USA
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Oct 11 2012

Sorry for the delay in this post... we were busy planning our WEDDING following our flight ; ) That being said- Thompson Aire was an AMAZING group to work with and I am so glad they were a part of our special day! Jeff and his team coordinated with my (now) husband (Adam) to plan a wonderful proposal for me that included secretly having our parents be a part of our day/moment! The weather however did not work out for us on the planned day October 9, 2012 (while this was unfortunate- I am SO glad that safety is the #1 priority for this company) De spite the delay in our flight, the team assisted with delivering Plan B... I never saw the proposal coming and they pulled off the surprise of our parents being present for the moment without a hitch! The team really felt like additional family members as they cheered, took pictures and video, & joined in the excitement and celebration with us! This company and team are like no other.... we had our flight two days later and it was incredible! I cannot compliment them enough!


Roger & Maria Sobkowiak
Vero Beach FL US
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
March 24 2013

Gently on the wind, in the hands of a skilled pilot and navigator, a dot in the universe, soaring and gliding, working with the prevaling air currents, silence, the roar of the burners, silence, we were not alone other balloons in the distance, dogs barking, orange pickers saying good morning, a beautiful flight, our first.



Elizabeth Glancy
Wildwood, Fl USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
May 22 2013

This was an awesome experience. John, the pilot was professional and informative. Jeff was full of jokes and information. The rest of the crew was experienced. The views were spectacular and the ride was calm, peaceful and exhilarating. Can't wait to do this again.



Humphrey Mendoza
Caracas MI Venezuela
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 10 2013

I did the reservation for the balloon ride because my girlfriend always dreamed about it and I wanted to give her a very nice gift but I have to say that I enjoyed the flight way more than I expected. The captain Cleghorn and the whole team was as friendly as possible and they also are very professionals. They know what they do and they really love it. It was a real pleasure to be able to flight with Thompson Aire and I would do it again. Thanks for the real nice time!



Dallas  TX USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!

I would do it again tomorrow..

May 18 2013

This was by far the most amazing way to celebrate a dear friend of mines bday...the flight was cool, calm, & relaxing..our pilot Kim (male)was amazing and Jonathan the ground crew was sooo handsome...would definitely fly again if im come back to Orlando on vacation!! Thompson gets 5★★★★★!!




Ben & Jodie
Sydney AU Australia
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
May 11 2013

We travelled 27 hours on a plane to explore the amazing land of Florida! Our experience with Thompson Aire was beyond what we could of ever imagined! We would highly recommend this service, the staff are professional and lovely to chat with! Thank you too captain John for an experience that we will cherish forever!!



Carmen & Carlos
Kissimmee FL USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
May 9 2013

Today was a great surprise being able to go on the air balloon ride with TA. Great team, felt safe, secure and it was a smooth ride. I was proposed to through our ride and our pilot John and Patrick did a good job with my finance. The view was amazing, weather was perfect and enjoyable from beginning to end. The package my finance reserved included a lot. The TA team goes above and beyond. The ride was not just a ride it was an amazing experience and educational listen as well. Definitely a must do again and bring friends to experience the ride. Thank yo u TA team until we see you all again. Carmen & Carlos 5/9/13




Claudette Lanning
Silver Spring MD USA
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
March 28 2013

Dear Captain Jeff, You are wonderful. My mother never told me a hot air balloon flight was on her bucket list until she came to Orlando with our three kids and my husband. You explained everything and made my oldest son, who is afraid of heights, feel safe and comfortable. I am a glider pilot and truly admire how you related the entire experience in a calm, educational manner. You are the inspiration for the next generation of pilots. We will never forget you and your family.




Brenda and Chris Kenny
Melbourne Fl USA
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
I would do it again tomorrow..
March 30 2013

Today was my husband's 71st birthday but we both received the greatest present. The team is wonderful, professional, friendly and perfectionists. John, our pilot, couldn't have been better.  If you want a thrill of your lifetime and the best team possible go to Thompson Aire. We will be back!!



Nancy Lou Hill
Markdale ON Canada
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
March 5 2013

What a great way to celebrate my husband's birthday! We went with our friends and it was a virgin flight for all 4 of us . Our pilot Kim made sure it was a memorable, fun and safe experience. Jeff is so knowledgeable and professional, we highly recommend Thompson Aire for your hot air balloon ride. We would love to do it again!


Bonnie Little
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Feb 16 2013

What a fantastic experience! We researched different balloon companies in our area and chose this one. We were completely pleased with the experience. I have a fear of heights, but for some reason the balloon flight didn't bother me a bit. I thought it would be a bit scary but it was just relaxing and fun, and I felt completely safe. The hour passed so quickly, and even the setup and take-down was enjoyable and interesting. I highly recommend Thompson Aire without any hesitation. I look forward to our next flight some day!



Michael Burr
Winter Haven FL US
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 16 2013

We both had a great time. Awesome view and a learning exp. about a very interesting device, the balloon.


Tim an Amber Randolph
February 2 13

John and Jeff, Thank you for a great day. We enjoyed the experience and meeting your family. Your story is an inspiration. Keep up the good work. Tim, Amber, Tres and Ransom



Jill Barbehenn
Maynard MA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan 16 2013

So much fun!


Liz & Rick McBride
Sudbury On Canada
Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
I am on your calendar!
Dec 28 2012

Went for our first balloon ride with pilot Kim he was fantastic , he gave us an amazing ride and was very informative as to what to expect, his assistant Derek was great with talking to the guess as well as giving us a hands on experience with setting up and putting away the balloon, adding to the over all adventure, ride was breathe taking and beyond words, it something you have to do to appreciate, I would highly recommend TA balloon rides to everyone it a venture you'll never forget , the people are wonderful very friendly, and Jeff's jokes are pricel ess lol. Liz & Rick McBride


Ian & Barbara Shelmerdine
Helmshore FL U.K
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
On more than one occasion!!
Nov 12 2011

2nd time we have flown with Jeff and this time we brought Christine and Glyn (Barbara's sister & husband) along as a thank you present. Glyn hates heights and was not too sure about coming along. Well he enjoyed it so much he wants to come back and is still talking about it. The small basket and personal contact with the pilots makes TA the best way to experience this MUST DO. If you want to fly with the best then book with Jeff and TA. Thank you Jeff and team from the 4 of us for a really great experience. Barbara, Ian Christine & Glyn Lancashire UK



Ed & Molly Lorentzen
Cedar Park TX USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Nov 28 2012

Our flight was a truly awesome experience. Our pilot Jeff and the ground crew were professionals during every aspect of our flight. Flying in a hot air balloon was something we had always wanted to do. What a way to witness God's majesty. If you're interested, I strongly recommend you choose ThompsonAire. For a nickel more, you can go First Class!!!



Brian & Gina Chessell
Brighton UK
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Nov 10 2012

What a truly amazing experience! We had booked a private flight for our wedding anniversary and it was a fantastic start to our day. Kim our pilot was great, together with Shawn and Derek the ground crew. We flew extremely close to water and skimmed across tree tops. You cannot describe how awesome this experience is; you simply have to do it! We had a fab time and would not hesitate in doing this again!


Dianne and Jeff Lapierre
Kitchener On Canada
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Nov 12 2012

We had a fantastic flight and Kim was an awesome pilot. A great way to see Florida.


Sharon & Borden Williams
Shelburne NS Canada
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
March 27 2012

The balloon ride was a dream of mine, and I cohearsed my husband along with our good friends to do this with me, and I must admit that I was scared and didn't sleep much the night before (I'm not a thrill seeker but the thought of floating across the sky in a hot air balloon enticed me). After the initial help setting up and getting into the basket the rest is history. I have to say that it was unlike anything that I have ever done before - so peaceful and serene. The feeling was amazing and the views spectacular! I was never scared,  except my knees started to shake a little when our Pilot Kim, skimmed the top of a tree to retrieve a pine cone for me (which I found out later was all part of his plan). I would definitely recommend Thompson Air in a heart beat. Their team is very professional and made this a journey of a life-time. One that I will never forget. And the penny pincher that I am, it was worth every cent!!!!



Aireen Agcaoili
Beaverton OR USA
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Nov 6 2012

To fly on hot air balloon had always been on my bucket list, and to be able to do it with Thompson Aire was phenomenal! The experience was great fun and relaxing. At first, I was somewhat frightened by the thought that I would be carried away essentially by wind and for my part, that would mean no control. But our pilot Kim was very professional and was very skillful with the operation that he really put my mind at ease when we were up in the air. It made the whole experience absolutely spectacular. I would highly recommend the company for those who wanted to try Hot air Balloon. It was the highlight of my Florida trip.


Katie & Jerry
Orlando FL
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Nov 3 2011

This has been an awesome experience!!! I would diffently come back and bring my family members and friends :) our pilot Kimmy made it fun and exciting and would want him again on our next adventure... Thank you so much for the great ride!!! What a gift!!



Amanda Herrera

Kissimmee  FL
Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Oct 21 2012

This was such an amazing experience!! The crew was so professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Capt Kim and Shawn our ground man, truly made my daughter and bf first hot adore balloon ride unforgettable!!! Thank you all!!!! Joke for all....why did the little mermaid wear seashells??? Because D shells were too big:)!




Richard & Anne Harvey
Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank you Jeff and your crew, you made our experience thrilling to say the least. Words can't describe the uniqueness of Hot Air Ballooning, this trip was on our Bucket List and we encourage others to fly with you as well, life is short, go for it! Richard & Anne Harvey PEI, Canada



Bjo Trimble
Monrovia CA USA

Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Oct 15 2012

The balloon ride was a total surprise from our two daughters and a friend. I was a bit grouchy about having to get up at 5 AM but that quickly changed when I found out what was happening. Our mentally challenged daughter was with us on the flight and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She still talks about it, describing how the balloon went up so smoothly and dipped close enough to the ponds that she could see frogs. She loved being able to help lay out the balloon, and then help pack it up again. In all, it was a wonderful experience for all of us. I can see why ballooning can become addictive! -- Bjo Trimble


Randy Stern
Aberdeen SD
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Oct 7 2012

It had always been a dream of my wife Cindy to take a balloon flight. She found Thompson Aire website and was very impressed at what she found. We went on Oct. 7th and it was everything that was advertized and more. A great experience with great people, they do everything to make your flight a "life event to remember ". Flying in a balloon is hard to describe, it is like floating and time stands still.



These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Oct 10 2012

Thanks to Kim and Jeff for helping me pull off a surprise proposal! you guys are true class- I was able to scratch 2 items off my bucket list. (hot air balloon ride, and being engaged) You can ride in a balloon many places, but the pilots and crew made it a special occasion. Many thank you for the extra special care you gave my family. Adam


Loretta Bryndza
Suffolk Va USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Oct 16 2012

This was simply the best experience of my life. I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon and you made my dream come true. My husband (Justin) and I are on our honeymoon and you made it the best vacation of our lives. Capt Jeff you are hilarious -please keep doing what you do-I love that you have such passion for what you do. That is a rare gift. Kim and Patrick were great on our flight as well. Kim was an excellent pilot. He did a great job and was also entertaining. I simply cannot describe this experience. Thank you all so much!



Nidra Cummings
Jacksonville Fl US
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 13 2011

Words can not express how amazing this ride was. From the beautiful sights to the friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff. This was an experience of a life time. Thompson Aire ROCKS! woop woop *Raises roof*!


Kristie Brown
Orlando FL
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 13 2012

It was awesome!! Woo Woo!!


Amy Arthur
Davenport Fl
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 14 2012

The balloon ride was something my 85yo mother wanted to do but was very enjoyable for both of us. Appreciated Capt. Kim's soft landing and the entire TA staff's attention to safety and helping mom get in and out of the basket safely. Would definitely recommend TA for a wonderful balloon ride.




Talon williams
Orlando Fl USA
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Oct 13 2012

I have to say that this was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to everyone. Love all whole experience.



Lois Goodwin
Ft. Pierce FL US
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 5 2012

My Grandma Lois Goodwin requested a hot air balloon flight for her 90th birthday. It was a spectacular experience for her and her family! These guys at Thompson Aire are top notch! The chase experience and breakfast was amazing too. Thanks for a great day for my Grandma! Barb Weaver, granddaughter Video here


Erin Pike/Don Polson
Tampa Fl USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 30 2012

Jeff and Crew...What a wonderful time Don and I had on our first balloon flight. We both have done sky diving before and expected there to be some sort of sensation of movement, but there was not. It was a completely different experience. The only word I can think of a peaceful. We enjoyed the experience and were lucky enough to have Kim and Leo as our crew. Great fun professionals all the way. Made the experience that much more enjoyable. We will recommend you to our friends and family and look forward to brining our kids next time. Good luck L eo on our pilots license! Erin and Don!


Tami Thorne and Graham Clarke
Port Orange Fl USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 28 2012

Jeff and Crew, Words truly can not describe our first Hot Air Balloon ride. We can not stop talking about it. Before choosing you to float with, I did a lot of research on other people. We are so thankful for choosing you. You and your crew work so hard to give us a complete package. We loved all of the education about ballooning, we feel like we learned so much from you. And yes, we even loved your jokes. Our first flight got cancelled due to fog and we thought it was so wonderful how special you made us feel 2 days later when we returned. I plan on recommending you to everyone I know. I hope in the future to get another chance to experience ballooning and maybe even give my children a chance to enjoy that magical moment that we will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Graham and Tami


Sarah and Richrd Powell
Shropshire UK United Kingdom
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 21 2012

This was our first trip in a hot air balloon and the experience was fantastic! Captain Kim was our pilot and it was great that we got to help out inflating and deflating the balloon - worked up an appetite for the yummy breakfast afterwards! From start to finish it was an amazing experience and Jeff and the crew made the experience even more special. When we return to Orlando we will be flying with you again and will bring our little boy as well x



Teresa Van Eps
Boca Raton FL USA
Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 23 2012

It's been 13 hours and I am still jumping up and down (and crying tears of joy) over being in the air today! I haven't stopped looking at my pictures and the comments I get on the 49 I uploaded just keep coming. What an amazing, incredible experience. I felt completely safe and will be bringing my 4 kids to experience this; I will not trust my children in anyone else's hands. Thank you for truly making my dream come true. Ground crew and Air...all top notch. Stop thinking about it and just book!!!! YOU will not regret your choice.



Kelly Munday
Orlando FL USA
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 7 2012

I've always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The pilots and crew could not have been nicer! I can't wait to do it again!


Elaine Barker
Winter Springs FL USA
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 16 2012

I decided to surprise my son with a hot air balloon ride for his 9th birthday. I did some research and went with the most experienced. Great decision!!!! My son said he would be thrilled no matter what his surprise was, unless it had anything to do with heights. Uh Oh. Fortunately, the things I had read were true. Even if you are scared of heights in general, the balloon flight is so peaceful and calm you don't feel afraid. My son and I LOVED doing this. Our pilot Doug and ground crew guy Patrick were wonderful. They were knowledgeable, safety co nscious and TONS of fun. They made sure we had the absolute best experience possible. My son and his new best buddy Justin thought brushing (I didn't say hitting, Doug. You are welcome.) the tree was the best thing ever. Well, Ryan thought the breakfast was pretty awesome too. This is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. I would do it again in a heartbeat and would not even consider going with anyone else. Thanks Thompsonaire for helping us to make such a special memory. Elaine and Ryan


Robert & Margaret Alderman
Trinity Florida US
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 11 2012

To Capt. Jeff and ground crew, Awesome, professional, an event of a life time! What a way to celebrate a Birthday . . . flying with the birds in the peaceful dawn of the morning and to see the sun rise over the horizon. Capt Jeff is a true professional. His piloting skills and years of experience give first- timers a real sense of security. From lift-off to landing we enjoyed an appreciation for the art of ballooning. Thanks, Capt. Jeff. We will be watching for the new posting and to celebrate you being number 5 in the U. S. among all balloon pilots. Regards, Robert & Margaret Alderman


Barbie Hobbs
Valrico, FL, USA
Personal, Professional, and Great Family Fun!
September 3, 2012

The balloon ride took 'relaxation' to another level - it will be hard to match. Our pilot Doug, and ground crew mate, Patrick, were fun and patiently answered many questions. We especially enjoyed the opportunity to join in as extra 'hands on deck' - being involved with small duties provided us with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the flight experience.

I was looking for a memorable experience for my son to mark his transition from a child to a young man. The balloon ride hit the target. It gave us the perfect opportunity to put things into perspective. Looking down from the basket - to the bigger picture - recognizing it isn't all about us - but it is about what we do to make a difference wherever we go.
Thanks Thompson Aire!


Daniel Keeler
Holly Hill Fl United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 3 2012

Absolutely awesome and amazing way to celebrate our anniversary!!! The flight filled us with a calming and soothing sensation last lasted well after we landed!! The Thompson Aire Family and Crew are top notchProfessional, Knowledgeable, Courteous and Friendly!!! We highly recommend to anyone living or visiting the area to make this a must do!! (Another check off my Bucket List) Thank you all for a very special day.I will have fond memories and look forward to another flight!!


Patty Croll
Lakeland FL USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Sept 8 2012

I got a peaceful, easy feeling..... Nothing can compare floating in the aire. What a wonderful experience. Capt. Kim was awesome! The ground crew was the best! So glad I put balloning on my Bucket List. I'm planning on coming back for seconds!


Tony & Charmaine Stevens
GB Haworth
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Sept 4 2012

If you are nervous at flying in a hot air balloon like l was, all l can say is 'don't be' what a fantastic experience, the nerves and butterflies disappear as you gently float up to greet the sky and the morning dawn. A massive thank you to Captain Jon for making me feel so at ease with your 'bad jokes' lol and the confidence which oozed from you into your passengers (mainly me). From 1200ft to brushing the tree tops to down to play on the swamp surface and back up, all attributable to Jon's fantastic skills as a pilot (i s that OK Jon and hope you did not get into too much trouble from Jeff for playing too long). Thanks to the ground crew Christina and Juan for keeping the champagne chilled for after our very smooth landing and bringing us back to the lovely buffet breakfast. We are already planning a return trip to Florida and will definitely relive this wonderful experience cos 'We got it up with Thompson Aire'. Charmaine & Tony Stevens



Fonda Schreiber
Clermont Fl USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 9 2012

Just awesome...our pilot, Kim, was top notch! Loved it!


Steve Pitts
Kidderminster Uk England
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 31 2012

A balloon ride at dawn to see the sunrise was a must do! We had 5 novices and 1 who had flown in England before. We had Capt Kim who gave us a great flight - thank you Kim for a awesome time. Capt Jeff challenged us to describe the flight and "floating on air" is the best I can do. The jokes were indescribable! Do not hesitate BOOK YOUR FLIGHT NOW for a very friendly, professional and wonderful time. Thank you guys so much Steve Pitts Kidderminster England Flight Date 31st August 2012



Deborah Wiemer
Tampa FL
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 3 2012

My husband, Michael, and I flew with Thompson Aire on Labor Day!. What an absolute perfect experience on a beautiful day! Jon, our pilot, was professional yet friendly with just the right amount of humor. And, he happily answered all of our questions. It was apparent that he loves what he does! Thank you again for a wonderful flight and the beautiful views. I only wish we could have flown all day :)

Hema Rupnarain
Ocala FL United States
I have flown with others and Thompson Aire tops them all
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 3 2012

This is an absolutely incredible experience. Our pilot was Doug, and our ground team included Patrick. They made this such a fun, hands on experience. I had flown before with another company in Orlando, and this far exceeded my first experience. I highly recommend Thompson Aire. It will be a flight you'll never forget. Plan to have your breath taken away!!


Dale and Laurine Mennell
The Villages FL USA
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
I can not wait to bring my friends!
Aug 9 2012

A hot aire balloon ride was the top thing on my husband's bucket list. Dale has MS which made getting into the basket and standing for 1 hr. quite a challenge. Captain Jeff took all my worries away. They used the hydraulic lift on the back of their van to get Dale into the basket. There was a bench for him to sit on inside the basket. All our concerns were easily taken care of. I had called many companies that were unable to help us. I would highly recommend Thompson Aire to anyone. My husband's 65th birthday was one he w ill never forget. Thanks Jeff!!!


Ozzy Pontier
Bronx NY/ Hollywood Fl U. S. A.
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
Aug 16 2012

I flew with you on my Birthday. I didn't know what I was doing until moments before we got into the basket. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. The entire team was awesome. The entire experience was great. The Banner, all the info about ballooning, the tradition, the breakfast, the extremely professional and experienced staff. Thank you all for a memory of a lifetime. And thank you so much Jules. You made me and my mother smile. I love you.


Melaina Wallace
Davenport Fl USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
Aug 16 2012

Going on a hot air balloon ride was on my mom & I's bucket list. We had a great time & were very impressed by the knowledge of the staff. A big thank you to Kim, our pilot, for making giving us a wonderful ride. We will always remember it.


Peter Allgood
Telford Sh UK
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
Aug 7 2012

More than I ever hoped it would be! If you have ever wondered about doing a balloon flight, these are the guys to do it with. I flew with my daughter and wife (it was her birthday that day but the flight was for me really!). Now I have a pilot's license (fixed wing) so flying doesn't bother me but my wife and daughter were initially a little apprehensive. They absolutely loved it! And the reason was, I am sure, the relaxed yet very professional attitude of Captain Jeff and his team. Everything was explained, interesting facts imparted and yes, terrible e jokes too. But it put everyone at ease and made for a truly breathtaking flight. I was so impressed by Jeff's accuracy (those competition cups are well earned) and gentleness - landing, my biggest concern, was so gentle and right where he said it would be. The whole experience was great from the preflight briefing to the post flight breakfast. Not pushy in the least, these are the only guys I'd fly with again.



Jodi Baxter / George Cullison
Lakeland Fl USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 12 2012

What a great experience. Started off nervous ended up wanting to go again! The whole staff loves their jobs and it shows. They are awesome, top notch and definatly the company to choose for your balloon rides.



Willis family
Brooklyn  NY Usa
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Aug 13 2012

Wow ... What an experience . Nothing can explain todays air balloon trip but was definitely 0ne of our best ... Felt like we were on top of the world .. We want to thank our Pilot Kim and the rest of the TA family .. Thanx a lot ..


Orlando Fl USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes and I can not wait!!!
July 19 2012

Today, My Best Friend & I Flew with Thompson Aire for the first time and we LOVED IT!. It was a wonderful experience & It was one of my items on my bucket list. I will be doing it again with family members. Loved the personal touch, professionalism and dedication of your craft. Good luck to you on your family in the nationals :-).




Bill & Adele Dufrene
Tuesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Jeff & Crew,

What an amazing experience to fly with all of you! Our first flight with you will never be forgotten. All of you were so professional and knowledgeable, and we felt completely safe. Your enthusiasm and passion for flying are contagious, and we have been "bitten by the bug!" You and your crew are the best, and we would advise EVERYONE to leave the lines at Disney World behind and instead, fly Thompson Aire. Our hot air balloon flight with you was beyond imagination, and we will definitely be back. We wouldn't fly with ANYONE ELSE! Thank you so much for the experience of a lifetime. Love ~ The Dufrenes


Kim Koch
Stvring Denmark
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 16 2012

WOW - It was amazing - fantastic, what a view, what a silens!! Words are not enough - You have to experience it yourself!! Our pilot Kim was terrific - good to explain and guide us! Thank you all very mutch - to the hole staff, and for a good joke "sometimes"! It was pure magic!


Jens Scharff-Hansen
hong kong hk
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 8 2012

Highly recommended. Rising with the sun is magic. Both ground and air crew made the experience very enjoyable. These guys know what they are doing. Will definitely fly in a hot air balloon again.



Robbie & Julie
Melbourne Fl

Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
July 8 2011

Made reservations for a birthday surprise gift. We both loved it. Our pilot Kim was terrific! We really had no idea what to expect. When they say the ride is motionless, it truly is, u could hardly tell u were moving. We really enjoyed this. Thank you!



Jacob and Kayla
sorrento FL United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 1 2012

We had an amazing time! Capt Jeff was an awesome pilot taking us from thousands of feet to the tops of trees and down to see turtles and alligators in the water. Couldn't of asked for anything better. Not to mention he has some funny jokes. Also his ground crew mate Leo was pretty funny too....32 Jacob and Kayla


Nancy Scott
Orlando FL
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
July 5 2012

We had an awesome time. It was a birthday surprise for our son's 18th birthday. We will do it again in the future. Amazing time. The guys are awesome.



Bierman Family
Florida US
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
June 30 2012

This was truly a lifetime experience. It was wonderful gliding through the air. I expected some feel of motion was it was so smooth. I definitely would suggest anyone who feels the desire to do so without any fear. I would and probably do this again


Jolie Grote
Cape Coral FL US
Must be one of the top ten things in my life!
I can not wait to bring my friends!
July 3 2012

This was an awesome experience for myself and my daughter. Captain Kim made it an unbelievable experience with his humor and knowledge. It was safe and a once in a lifetime experience that my daughter will never forget. Thank you Thompson site and a special thanks to Captain Kim and Captain Pat.


Chris Evie and the Autrey family
Cape Coral Fl USA
Personal, Professional and GREAT family fun!
Yes I have flown with you!
June 29 2012

5 stars.. Absolutely and undeniably a fantastic experience. Small, intimate setting and nothing but professionalism served here. Personally being afraid of heights I thought I was crazy going for a balloon ride in a wicker basket! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Safety first and enjoyment a close second Jeff and his team delivered a truly amazing experience. On behalf of the entire family thanks for the memories and Im sure we will do it again. Only requirement is going with you guys...


Rania M.
Orlando FL USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 2 2012

I can't express how much Jeff's team went above and beyond to make this experience possible for me and my family! Crew and Pilots were wonderful and the actual experience was incredible! I would recommend Thompson Aire over any other company in the area...hands down!


John Haupt
Deltona Fl USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
July 1 2012

Thanks foe an awesome adventure.


Debra Taylor
Oldham UK England
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
June 30 2012

This was a truly fabulous experience so glad I took the plunge and went for it.  I would go back again tomorrow if I could.  You were made to feel like one of the family very well run and organized



Suzanne Clark
Melbourne Fl USA
Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
I can not wait to bring my friends!
June 29 2012

We absolutely loved our hot air balloon ride! Everything was great from blowing up the balloon, pulling pine cones off trees, skimming the water, and landing. The landing was smoother than an airplane. We loved our pilot Capt. Kim McCourt. He was funny, exciting, and personal. We also had a lot of help from Leo who worked the ground crew. He is actually an up and coming pilot. Leo, and the staff of Thompson Aire were very helpful when it came to my disability. They were able to help me in and out of the balloon and brought my wheelchair along in the ch ase van. They made my birthday wish come true. We loved it so much we are already talking to the family about going up in December. I truly recommend anyone thinking of going up to go up with them. The basket has a bench and is very cozy, everyone had amazing views. We will definitely go with them in the future.


Karen, Carli & Diane
Mystic Ct USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I would do it again tomorrow..
June 19 2012

Thank you to Pilot Kim, and Rob, the experience was a once in a lifetime dream come true....much needed for all of us, so grateful we shared the piece of heaven together... :-). Kim, you are simply AMAZING, made the ride extra special and forever memorable!! Truly to be remembered....thank you! p.s. to future guests.....remember the # is ALWAYS 7!


Kuketz Family
Orlando FL USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
June 17 2012

Great fun. Wonderful people. Smooth operation. Impressively done. Family loved it. Fantastic Father's Day gift! Our pilot and captain (Kim) helped us feel comfortable about our flight, took us through the setup and explained everything (we had a lot of questions). My wife having flown her whole life with her Dad up north was amazed (you never get tired of it). As far as Jeff (the owner) the jokes were okay! :) smiley face ha ha ha :) PS: It really was like floating in Heaven.


Dave & Dianne Stinson
St Augustine, FL US
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
April 4 2012

My wife and i would to thank Capt. Jon for a fantastic experience. We were celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary. The balloon ride completed a very special time. The view was awesome and Capt. Jon was great. We will definitely do it again. Thanks to Thompson Aire and the entire staff for making our 45th Anniversary very special.



Hector & Aracelis Ortiz
Orlando Fl
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
May 20 2012

Flying in a hot air balloon was one of my dreams. Had a such great time ! Mr. Kim was our "pilot", He was very professional and friendly. Thanks for a wonderful balloon ride.



Sharon Millan
Orlando FL
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 19 2012

Thank you for making our 5 year anniversary memorable. What an amazing experience! The view was breath taking! Special thanks to our awesome pilot Kim. You were was a very smooth and relaxing ride. It wasn't scary at all (like I initially thought it would be). Also, the entire crew were professional and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to do something unique, fun and adventurous with their loved ones. Thompson Aire is the BEST! Thanks again! Sharon & Kenny Millan


Scott Meyers
Melbourne Fl
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 13 2012

Was a great Mother's Day flight. From beginning to end, it was a great time. Thanks for helping me make my wifes Mother's Day special. It was my first time off work in 20 years on Mother's Day. Can't wait for out next time with TA!!!


Karen and Ed
Parkton MD USA
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 7 2012

Experiencing a hot air balloon ride with Jeff and his team should be on everyone's "Bucket" list. The web site is comprehensive and accurately set my expectations. The balloon ride exceeded my expectations. The excitement began with the inflation of the balloon. Once we were air born, the beauty and silence are difficult to describe. We had a total of 5 in our balloon; therefore, everyone had a 360 degree view at all times. In addition, Jeff moved the balloon up and down to allow different views of the landscape. We brushed the tops of trees and the landing demonstrated the skill of an expert. We put down right next to a fence, then Jeff piloted the balloon to the other side of the fence for deflation. Did I mention the fence was about 5 feet high with barbed wire on the top. Thompson Aire exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the memory of a lifetime.


Sydney Wall
Winter Park FL USA
Five Stars is simply not enough! ***********
I would do it again tomorrow..
May 15 2012

It was my first time flying and I am 9 years old. If I could I would fly at Thompson Air every day. You see amazing sites, learn about the balloon and if you are lucky you can see some wild animals like deer, rabbits, foxes, hawks, bears and some alligators. I would recommend Thompson Air to be your first ride in hot air balloons. You go to a gift shop and then a breakfast bar. If I would want to go ballooning I would choose Thompson Air. Thank you for the amazing ride.



Sandra Tao
Fresh Meadows NY United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
I can not wait to bring my friends!
May 9 2012

This is one of the most magnificent thing one can do in their lifetime. It was so peaceful and to really see the earth without a piece of glass separating you and the open space is truly a great experience. Thank you Jeff for letting us see this beautiful world the way you've seen it for so long. See you the next time I'm in Florida.



Mary and Leonore Coan
Peabody MA USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I would do it again tomorrow..
May 11 2012

We didn't get to write our comments on our first submission and we wanted to add to the comments-it was a great morning and a truly educational and informative adventure. Capt. Jeff's wit and wisdom was appreciated by all of us on board. Time passed quickly, before we knew it we landed (well) toasted, rolled up, packed up and celebrated-IT WAS GREAT- thanks to all



Lucy Rose Murphy
Beverly Hills FL United States
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
Yes I have flown with you!
May 8 2012

I don't like heights but soon forgot about being nervous and enjoyed a smooth flight and landing. It was a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful day.


Charlyne Ankrom
Crystal River FL Good old USA
These are true professionals and they love what they do!
I can not wait to bring my friends!
May 8 2012

This is one item to be on your "BUCKET LIST"!!! Most professionally run program! I highly recommend Thompson Aire!!! Thank you John for an experience I won't soon forget!!!


Brandon & Alex
Orlando Fl United States
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 8 2011

My girlfriend... sorry, my FIANCE Alex had always dreamed of going on a hot air balloon ride. I never forgot when she told me that so for our 2 year anniversary which also happened to be her Birthday I decided to make her dreams come true. I knew it would be fun, but it was beyond that by a long shot. There is no other experience like it in the world and no better way I could have proposed. It is a wonderful memory we will share forever. The peaceful serenity up there is quite literally out of this world. The Captain Jeff, was an amazing pilot and I learned a ton. His true passion for flying the balloons made the experience like none other. But don't take my word for it, check out out proposal video to see for yourself. Thank you so much Thompson Aire!

Brandon & Alex



Stuart & Ann Taylor
Falkirk FK Scotland
Words simply do not do justice. A MUST DO!
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
April 25 2012

Just to say many thanks to Capt. Jeff and all his crew, not just for marrying us , but for giving us such perfect memories of a fantastic day. Keep up the good work guys hope to see you all again soon Regards Stuart & Ann Taylor



Tamie Bledsoe
Apopka FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
I have flown with others and you are the best.
April 29 2012

AMAZING! My husband was nervous but after today even he would recommend the experience. The entire staff is knowledgeable and make it a lasting memory. I wouldn't dare fly with anyone else (and I have before today). Capt Kim is remarkable. There is no doubt that when I talk about this day, people will want to sign up and enjoy the experience! Thank you Jeff and staff for an amazing, safe and memorable experience. It is obvious these people have a passion. Wish I could fly every day...



SaRah Bowers
West Melbourne FL United States
Yes I have flown with you!
April 8 2012

Yes, I helped get it up! I had a BLAST with John and our AWESOME flight crew this morning. Thanks for putting up with us and for helping us have this AWESOME experience. I'll post photos soon at Thanks again!



Shelly Knorr
Sun Prairie WI USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Highly recommend! Simply beyond words!
April 4 2012

This was the most unbelieveable experience of our lives. The staff was most helpful while I tweaked my reservations 2 different times. Bright and early on our flight date, everything was explained and every question was answered. Our pilot, Kim, was great and he gave us a landing we will never forget!! Everyone was super friendly and when we are back in the Orlando area we will go this again!!!!



Mike & Terri Faber
Mechanicsville VA US
Yes I have flown with you!
Highly recommend! Simply beyond words!
March 30 2012

This was our second flight with Thompson Aire. And, once again, you and your team have outdone themselves. The entire process is first rate. Every step is explained.

Kim, our pilot this year, provided us an incredible trip.

We will see you again during our next trip to Florida.

Mike & Terri Faber



Sharon Mirante
Altamonte Springs Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
No words can describe.
March 29 2012

Today I celebrate 15 years of marriage to my husband Patrick. I surprised my husband and two eldest children to experience a hot air balloon ride. I researched and researched companies. Thompson Aire just stood out. Their website was informative and their goal is not only to entertain famiies but to educate. Florida has so much to offer, and to see it in the calm of the open skies is nothing I could ever describe. You have to experience. To see God's creation at its finest, well its, its.. a humbling experience. They are experienced in flying the skies, and respect not only its beauty but its strenght. Thank you, Thank you, Thompson Aire, for making our 15th Wedding Anniversary as special as it should have been.

May Jehovah God, Bless you and your family eternally:)



Sherrill & Leon Duberry
Peterborough UK England
Yes I have flown with you!
Has to be one of the top ten things in my life!
March 15 2012

What an AMAZING day. A big BIG thank you to Captain Jeff and his team for making our wedding day extra special.

Everyone was so friendly and lovely and the control Captain Jeff has on the balloon is outstanding! (Much better than his jokes lol ;) )

We feel very lucky that we chose Thompsonaire for our first balloon flight and to carry out our marriage ceremony.

We cannot recommend these guys enough!!



Amber Carroll
St Petersburg Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
5 Stars is simply not enough ********
March 29 2012

Flying in a hot air balloon was on my mom's bucket list. We crossed it off this morning! Had such a great time! Very proffesional, informative and FUN! Will do this again!



Pam webber
cumbria UK united kingdom
Yes I have flown with you!
Highly recommend! Simply beyond words!
Jan 4 2012

awesome ! totally professional. flight never to be forgotten .
thank you captain Jeff. john and Kim.
the webber family .


barbara diaz
houston tx usa
Yes I have flown with you!
5 Stars is simply not enough ********
March 18 2012

Words cannot adequately describe our experience. My 7 year old absolutely LOVED it. John was our captain, with Jeff as our ground crew... they made the trip from beginning to end an incredible journey. We will never forget our first flight, and there will be more to come. Can't hardly wait to get back to Florida!



Andrea Ternes
Elyria OH US
Yes I have flown with you!
Has to be one of the top ten things in my life!
March 20 2011

What a fantastic, fun crew Thompson Aire has! Not only were they well experienced, but they kept us laughing the entire time. This was so serene, and nothing like my family has experienced before. We've already gone back and looked at the videos and photos we took during our trip several times, and we're already talking about doing this again so we can soak it all in a 2nd time... be prepared with video recording - our still photos are great, but it's our camera/cell phone videos that we look back at and are so amazed at the views, and we'll cherish those memories the most!



Todd Beam
Niagara Falls On Canada
Yes I have flown with you!

Has to be one of the top ten things in my life!
March 20 2012

Hello, we had an amazing experience today. The crew were great. A whole new way to view mother Earth. A definite must do to add to your bucket list.
The Beam family.
Thanks for enhancing our lives.



Jay B.
Yes I have flown with you!
Highly recommend! Simply beyond words!
March 17 2012

Awesome experience. My son and flew to celebrate his 13th birthday. What a memory! Kim did a superb job and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I would definitely do this again.



Olga Cortizo
Winter Springs FL US
Yes I have flown with you!
5 Stars is simply not enough ********
March 18 2012

So Peaceful and Beautiful! But Thompson Aire "no doubt" is the reason why this was such a great experience! Professional, Experienced like no other, Perfectly planned, Continual Humor and Great Stories were shared, Breakfast Buffet afterwards was awesome, I give Jeff and his crew huge Kudos! Kim was our Pilate and he was great! Thanks Guys! -Susi and Olga



detroit mi usa
Yes I have flown with you!
No words can describe.
March 16 2012

This was one of best experiences of a lifetime and the memories will last forver..Took my mother for her B-day 77yrs young..Our Faces hurt from smiling sooo much....Kudos Caption Jeff and his team!!!
It's a must experience...smoother then taking off and landing in an airplane!!!!
And of course Cpt. Jeff is the BEst of The BEST..!!!!xo



Julian Anderson
Capital Federal Argentina
Yes I have flown with you!
Highly recommend! Simply beyond words!
Jan 23 2012

After checking several websites offering balloon rides, I found here this sentence: "We will be honest up front. Thompson Aire is the most expensive operator in the Orlando area." Well, if you recognize that you're the most expensive, there must be a reason for that. Then I thoroughly checked the site, and found many valuable commentaries from other passengers. That's what decided me. Because when you are looking for a wonderful experience, money isn't the most important part, the "experience" itself is. Your experience as a passenger, and the personal experience of your captain as a balloonist. And, in both senses, my family and myself were extremely pleased. It was among the most unforgettable rides I've done in my life, and I'd like to thank Capt. Jeff and his ground crew for their kindness and professionalism. I recommend you guys to everyone, and, when returning to Florida I'll surely book another flight with you!



r b sturms
brittons neck us sc
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan 20 2012

SUPER SUPER SUPER Capt Jon was just tremendous. we took the flight (4 of us) to celebrate my sister's 80th birthday and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. Capt Jon took sooooooooooo much care with my sister who has limited mobility to make her experience the best. Recommend it to all - none better so far in my life. thanks also to christina our ground crew member who was just super!!!!!



Methlin Morgan Willis
West Palm Beach Fl USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Jan 20 2012

This was an AWESOME & MAGNIFICENT EXPERIENCE , I have been apprehensive about air ballooning for years , after parasailing & skydiving previous years for my birthday I thought this is it , after research I found Thompson's Aire , after speaking to Capt . Jeff Thompson his extreme knowledge & experience gave me peace of mind so I celebrated my 41th birthday with my family .
His entire crew is a fantastic group of special people we were assigned to Capt . Kim & Channy they both were extremely knowledgeable & friendly , once we were off Capt . Kim assured my 7 yr old how much of a wonderful time we were gonna have & he was right , his humor & sharp wit kept us laughing , not only will we be back I'm recommending your company to my family & friends because I know they will be in the best & most capable hands .
This was a momentous memory of a lifetime that I will cherish & treasure .



Lucy Keefe
My testimonial, by Lucy age 7

(30 Dec 2011)

I loved the hot air balloon ride. It was a big balloon and I liked blowing it up. I was very nervous before but I did it! I wasn't scared at all once I got there. I asked loads and loads of questions and John and Jeff answered them all. The best bit was landing because it was really funny when we tilted. The breakfast was yummy and really good. I think some more people should go with John - he was great! Thank you. Lucy, age 7



Dania Alsabeh
West Bloomfield MI US
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 22 2011

It was a great experience. Even though I felt a little scared at first, I let go of that fear and started to see how beautiful it was to be up high in the air. The temperature was perfect, not too warm, not too cold. I wouldn't mind going up there again. And for those who are too scared to go up in a Hot Air Balloon, you are missing SOO much!



Sudarsan Devella
Orlando US Florida
Yes I have flown with you!

Jan 1 2012

Long time Dream come true !!! Good work Guys!!!



Steve, Jill, Kaley & Matt Keen
Lake Wales Fl
I would do it again tomorrow..
Dec 31 2011

We flew with Captain Kim on New Year's Eve morning. It was a blast! From the inflating of the balloon to the expert landing and everything in between, it was an experience to never be forgotten! Thanks again to all of you for a wonderful end of our 2011:)!



Andre & Karla Baader
Orlando FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan 1 2012

It Was Amazing, we don't have another word to describe this ride!!!
When you travel with the best you don't look at the price... you can pay couple dollars less but i'ts not gonna be the same, trust us!!!
When you meet Jeff you will know what we are talking about!
Was nice to start our year with you Jeff, thanks!!!



Tom Brown
 Wauchula Fl.


Thank you for one of the best experiences in our lives. You and your crew are fantastic. I already had high expectations for ballooning and you beat any expectation I could have had. Yall's excitement and enthusiasm made the day and I have never felt more confident with a crew. Your knowledge and expertise were great. I was expecting a bumpy landing and we sat down like a feather. Thanks for making a wonderful Christmas present for my children and me. Hope to be able to fly with you again soon. Tom Brown



Julia DiSpada
Lakeland Fl
I would do it again tomorrow..
Dec 30 2011

Thank you for a most wonderful experience. I was very apprehensive (I'm scared of heights). But your professionalism, knowledge and experience gave me the experience of a lifetime. I felt very confident and safe with Jeff. I plan on going up again and bringing my daughter and son. I recommend this to everyone.




Mark & Caryn Hall
Coarsegold CA USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
Dec 21 2011

Hi Jeff,
Thanks again for a wonderful balloon ride. We both felt very comfortable with you at the helm. Not only are you a very experienced and professional balloon pilot, you are very entertaining and a joy to spend the morning with. And congratulations again on your beautiful new daughter.
Mark & Caryn Hall



Doug and Kathy Humphries
Coldwater Ontario Ca
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 15 2011

WOW!... What a terrific experience! I am a very BIG man and have bad knees and believed that I would NEVER have the opportunity to experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride as I did not think I could get into the basket, I was too large for the weight limit, and my knees would not allow me to stand for the flight. Well Thompson Aire, really captain Jeff, said no trouble! They had benches in their baskets so I could sit and they even used the power tailgate on their truck to help me get into the basket. They went out of their way to assist me and help me have the flight of my life. My wife was very apprehensive about going and once again captain Jeff was very accommodating. He made sure that the Flight was smooth and we had NO turbulence! She enjoyed the experience. There was only my wife and I with Captain Jeff in our basket and that made for a very personal flight. Yes they cost a little more, but when we saw the other balloons land beside us that had well over a dozen people in the basket we knew that the extra for the more personal experience as well as the seating was well worth it. I really recommend that if you are thinking about a ride, you will have the best experience with Thompson Aire. Thank you Jeff and all your ground crew. We even enjoyed all the humor that you brought to the flight.



Francesca and Martin
London UK
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 19 2011

A dream come true for my wife, who has wanted to fly in a balloon for years - and we could not have picked a better crew to fly with. Jeff Thompson's enthusiasm for ballooning is addictive and he instills an immediate sense of safety and reliability. The only thing to say is be warned of his jokes - they truly are bad! (just kidding)



Lee Dobson
Oakland Florida US
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 9 2011

Well what can I say other than WOW!!! This whole experience was Amazing! I couldnt have dreamed of a better way to propose! The TA crew made everything go soo smoothly, all I had to do was show up and everything else was taken care of. Our Capt. Jeff brought the balloon right down along the edge of a lake, where the ground crew was already positioned with the banner that said Kara will you marry me. It couldnt have gone any better. Capt. Jeff and the whole ground crew did an Exceptional job, they made our engagement a day we will never forget. Like Capt. Jeff told us there is no better look than the Deer in the Headlights look you will get when she reads the banner and turns around to find you on one knee. If youre thinking about proposing to your girlfriend, I promise there is no better way than in a hot air balloon with Thompson Aire!!!



Deirdre Guilloton
Windermere FL USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Dec 2 2011

This was an amazing and truly indescribable experience! I have wanted to fly in a hot air balloon since I was a small child, and I finally got to take part in this adventure to celebrate my 30th birthday. The flight crew at Thomson Aire is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also incredibly friendly. Our assigned Flight/Ground Crew consisted of Capt Kim and Channy. Both were extremely friendly, and we able to answer all of our questions with ease. Be prepared to hear your fair share of silly jokes, however these only prove how much the Thomson Aire team really loves their job! I cannot explain how amazing this experience really was, I could only say that if given the opportunity to go up again tomorrow I would be there in an instant!

Since I work for the local theme parks, I am always looking for things to do around town that does not involve going to the parks. This will absolutely be a suggestion I give all my guests at the parks when asked what else there is worth doing in Orlando!

Thanks Thomson Aire, I hope to see you again soon!



Alan & Mary Bell
Stanwick Northamptonshire UK
I would do it again tomorrow..
Nov 9 2011

Mary and I want to thank Jon and the rest of the team for the best experience in Florida. Forget the theme parks; this was far better and we didn't have to queue.
The whole team was professional and, despite what it says on the T shirt, the jokes kept us laughing.
Many thanks; we will certainly be flying with you again.



Paul and Michelle Reagan
Melbourne FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Nov 20 2011

We celebrated our 21st Wedding Anniversary this morning with Capt Jeff and his team of professionals. We can't wait to fly again and bring our friends and family! He promised us an unforgettable experience and he and his team delivered! Got some great pictures and learned about ballooning from the best. Look no further than Thompson Aire; it doesn't get any better! A wonderful memory for a very special day for us.



Abimelec & Kelly
Miami Florida US
Yes I have flown with you!
Nov 13 2011

One of the best experience my wife and I have had. I've recommended it to all my family and friends. Captain Jeff is outstanding! great character, super funny and extremely knowledgeable about the art of flying a hot air balloon. If you haven't done it, don't hesitate to go with Thompson Aire. Its truly an amazing feeling and breath taken experience! Thank you Jeff for your great service!



Marcia Ward
Avon Indiana USA

Yes I have flown with you!

Oct 20 2011

You were right there are no words to describe it!!!!!  We loved every minute of the our ride. You and your crew are fantastic!!! Thanks for a great time!!!
Marcia and Megan Ward



brian and leanne masson
inverurie uk aberdeenshire
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 12 2011

Thanks for a magical experience. It was a wonderful surprise. It was great getting involved in everything and the flight was just awesome. Special thanks to Doug our pilot who made the flight unforgetable

We will be recommending your company to all our friends and if we are ever back in Florida would definatly take another flight with yourselves



Mary Lou Houtz
Bellefonte, Pa US
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
 Nov 3 2011

This was on my "Bucket List" and Thanks for the invite from my sister, Arlena, I was able to do this. WOW is right, I had one of the most beautiful experience of my life, it was so calm and peaceful. I want to thank the pilots and the crew for the wonderful flight and stories and of course the champagne toast at the end and breakfast. Thanks again and I plan of doing it again with ThompsonAire.



Deirdre Lovell
Brooklyn NY USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 24 2011

A Balloon ride is definitely a "Bucket List" experience! Capt Doug was a masterful helmsmen and wonderful storyteller. He made us feel completely at ease in the air. The early morning dark and mist made the ride completely magical. What a wonderful, educational, exciting and blissful experience. Will do this again with Thompson Aire without hesitation. They are the best crew out there!



Bruce & Sandy MacLeod
Merritt Island Florida US
I would do it again tomorrow..
Oct 22 2011

This wonderful experience was a gift from our children & grandchildren to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! They couldn't have chosen a better gift! We thoroughly enjoyed everything from beginning to end! Jeff, you and your staff are great...very knowledgeable, professional, and funny! We hope to fly with you again someday! We've already recommended you to several of our friends! Thanks again for our wonderful experience! :o)



Mike Smith

Thank you so much for the great morning we had on 22nd October 2011. You may remember us as the family where our youngest son was not well and had been sick in the car on our way to meet for the flight briefing. The concern and support shown for us by your team was exceptional and emphasized how much you are a personal and family run business.

My eldest son and I did the balloon ride with Kim while my wife and youngest son were looked after by the ground crew. Kim was excellent. He has a very droll sense of humour which goes down well with us Brits! We especially enjoyed talking to people on the ground and asking them if they had seen Toto.

Thank you once again for the excellent and good humoured morning.

Best wishes

Mike Smith and family.



Harmony and Will
Largo FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 23 2011

Hello Thompson flight gang, We just loved our experience last week. Going up in a hot air balloon has always been a dream of mine and we are so glad we picked your company to be responsible for this dream in the sky. You were all so professional and FUN! You deliver a very memorable and smooth program. I believed we were in good hands from the very start. It was so beautiful and quiet during the flight...the only "bad" thing was that it came to an end:) Seriously, thanks so much!



Dannette Giroir
Patterson US Louisiana
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 26 2011

This experience was absoluting breath taking and beyond belief. There are no words to describe! Sharing this experience with my child and parents is something that each of us will never forget. Remember Memories last a lifetime!!!!

Our Pilot, Doug, was absolutley the BEST! He explained everything from the beginning to the end! My dad is very afraid of heights and had changed his mind to take the flight with us. Doug explained everything to him. Just by Doug talking to him with words of encouragement, My dad felt comfortable and took the flight. In his own words, "I can't believe it or explain it as scared as I am of heights, I didn't have any fear of being up there." "I would recommend everyone to try it!"

Thanks to everyone for this experience for my family and myself.... Can't wait to HELP GET IT UP AGAIN"!!!!!!!!!! Dannette



Jenny & Jeff
Andover UK England
Yes I have flown with you!

Sept 25 2011

We had an amazing flight with Captain Jon. Would definetly recommend and do it again.



Mike and Debi Contino
Valrico, Fl. USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Oct 26 2011

WOW what an amazing experience. This was our first flight and we will be back. The entire crew was so friendly and knowledgeable, we laughed the whole time. The ride was amazingly beautiful. I could never put it into words, you have to try it for yourself. I look forward to bringing more of my family and friends to this once in a lifetime journey.



Thomas, Marliese, Oma and family
Fayetteville NC USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Oct 11 2011

We made the right choice when selecting which hot air balloon ride company to use for this spectacular experience. The pilots of Thompson Aire are the best! We also saw how their ground crew stepped in to help other companies who were flying in the area that day who ended up needing help landing their balloon. The whole experience from beginning to end was amazing. Thanks to Thompson Aire for making this such a memorable event for our family.



Mullen family
George town Na Cayman Islands
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 23 2011

Hi Thompson crew,

We had an amazing first balloon flight today which the whole family enjoyed. For the benefit of any families considering this trip - get off the fence and make the booking as you will not regret it. At no time did we ever feel there was any danger as the crew are professionals who know what they are doing and talk you through each step. Everyone had a part to play from the 8 year old to the 48 year old. My family are not morning people but we all agreed this was something well worth getting out of bed at 5 am for. There is no sense of time and no sense of motion - a truely unique experience. We flew with Kim and Andrew was our ground man- they were fab as was the interaction we witnessed with the other
Ballooners and their crew members. This is an amazing outfit and a wonderful experience and we will be back. Keep well and safe flying to the Thompson crew.



James and Jennifer Sulle
Oak Hill Florida US
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 14 2011

What an amazing time we had.I spent a couple of weeks reading your website and watching you tube videos due to the fact im scared of heights.When i asked capt.Jeff about being scaed of heights, he gave me an explanation why people are scared of heights.No one has ever explained it like he did it made sense and made me feel comfortable.From the beginning when i called him to let him know i was going to be a few mins. late till the end at breakfast he was very genuine and grateful i chose his company.Customer service is a fine quality and these guys know it .As arnold says i will be back.



Barry Edwards and Family
Nottingham UK
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 13 2011

Well, what can we say, other than WOW, If you have never been in a balloon, book it now. John was a fantastic pilot who really made you feel at ease. Before today I thought a hot air balloon ride was a once in a life time experience, however we all already want to come again and having had the pleasure of flying with john I would ask for him next time, as I'm sure others would want the pilots who flew them. Our ground crew were fantastic particularly Paul who showed from the moment he met my mother in law what a good sport he is. From start to finish the day was fantastic and nothing was to much trouble.
Overall we just want to make it clear that we really enjoyed the experience and can't wait to do it again.

Many thanks Barry and Family.



Pam Barnett
Overland Park KS USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 2 2011

Jeff and crew:
I've always loved hot air balloons. I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to actually go up in one. My son, Joe, and his wife planned the most fantastic 3 day vacation for us and this was absolutely a highlight of that trip. The perfect weather, breathtaking scenery, and your jokes/stories :) made this a memory that I will cherish forever. Thank you for creating that memory!
Pam Barnett



Bill & JoAnn Boyd
Altamonte Springs FL
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 2 2011

This was a 50th wedding anniversary present to my wife. The enjoyment and satisfaction received is beyond description. The pilots witty repartee, the beautiful scenery and overall experience made this part of a wedding anniversary to cherish.



Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Sept 22 2011




John and Lynne
Lakeland FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 26 2011

Great fun and we felt safe the whole time.
This was our first balloon ride. The whole Thompson Aire team was awesome. We flew when other balloon companies were not flying because they didn't get the weather right.
These guys know what they are doing. Very experienced people.



Scunthorpe UK
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 20 2011

Hi Captain Jeff. Early starts are not really our thing but to see the early morning mist as we rose above the tree tops was amazing. The ascent and descent was so smooth and we seemed to just float up and down witnessing the many sights Florida has to offer - which we would never have seen from any other form of transportation in such detail. Doug was a brilliant pilot pointing out the wild boar and cows and the ground crew worked so hard. Congratulations to the couple who got engaged on one of the other flights - Thompson aire staff were so in cohoots with it all!! Also, brilliant de-brief with breakfast at the Lakeside Resort. A fantastic experience we will always remember. Thanks to you all



Melissa Gingell
I would do it again tomorrow..
Sept 13 2011

What a fantastic trip full of laughter and smiles.
While admiring the view you also learn alot about flying a balloon.
I would recommend this to anyone, its just out of this world.



Scunthorpe UK
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 20 2011

Absolutely fantastic experience. Been to Florida over the last few years but we have never experienced the views or landscape we saw on this flight. All of those at ThomsonAire were brilliant (despite the jokes!!)  Kimmy was an excellent pilot full of information and knowledge. The ground crew worked so hard - Capt Jeff you should be so proud of the team you have working for you. An experience we would recommend to all. Thank you XX



Holly & Adam
Orlando Florida US
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Sept 10 2011

On September 10, 2011 I was woken up by my boyfriend at 4am for a "surprise". I had no idea where we were going but in my head all I wanted to do was go back to bed, that was until I found out what we were doing. We pulled up to the place where you load into the Thompson Aire vans and I was EXTREMELY excited!!! We went in and everyone was sooooo nice to us. We got in the hot air balloon and the only word to describe it is, WOW! It is unlike anything me or my boyfriend had ever done. We were in the air and Jeff started talking on the radio and acting like he couldn't hear the people. We began to go closer to the ground so we could "get signal". At this point I had NO idea what was going on. When we got closer to the ground I saw a sign that said "WILL YOU MARRY ME HOLLY". I burst into tears when I saw him down on one knee. It was the PERFECT proposal!!!!!!! Being on the hot air balloon was incredible enough and then to get engaged, words cannot describe how amazing it was! All of the employees were congratulating us and everyone was so nice! It was definitely the BEST day of my entire life!!! We will definitely be going again some day soon and we would recommed Thompson Aire to anyone!
Thank you Thompson Aire for everything!
-Holly & Adam



Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 14 2011






Kenneth and Linda Wyatt
Titusville US Florida
I can not wait to bring my friends!
Sept 11 2011

What a wonderful experience Jeff! Our flight originally scheduled for my husband's birthday had to be changed for a couple various reasons, but we are glad now because it is a wonderful way to remember the tenth anniversary of 9-11 Twin Towers Disaster! We will always have this wonderful memory and would highly recommend your hot air balloon facility to our family and friends. Your entire crew were very professional, curteous and delightful. We are looking forward to flying again some day. Keep up the great work, Jeff.

"Dan and Sue" Wyatt
Titusville, Florida



Himali Bhojani
Tampa Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 4 2011

Yesterday was our first time up in a hot air balloon and what a great time we had ! Capt. Kim, Leo , Jody - you guys were great ... and fun too!

Everyone looking to go up a hot air balloon - go for it!



Amrita Bhojani
Tampa Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Sept 4 2011

Had a very exciting balloon ride, would totally do it again! Kim McCourt was a great pilot and it was fun flying with him. We had a smooth touch down! Thanks to the entire crew for a memorable experience!



Mona, Tamer and Alisha
London Uk England U.K
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 11 2011

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for a wonderful once in a life time experience! We are so glad we chose Thompson Aire and were privileged to have you as our captain. You made the experience a friendly and enjoyable one. All of the Thompson Aire crew were very professional and we felt completely safe. Being in the balloon was an experience that can not be described in words, it was breath taking, peaceful and beautiful. We look forward to seeing you again soon, we experienced a ballooned "kiss" and hope to fly on the baby next time ;) thank you very much we are back in London and are still talking about it!



Joseph DiMaria
Brentwood US L.I., New York
Yes I have flown with you!

Aug 15 2011

Jeff, your the best! I learned so much and we all had so much fun. I'm glad we filmed the whole experience. I'm still talking about it to my friends, family and collegues. Your right! its an experience that one never forgets, even if you do it just once. But who can do it just once! can't wait to do it again. Thanks again, sincerely.



Larry Richards
Trinity FL USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Aug 20 2011

Capt's Jeff and Kim,
What a ride! Captain Kim, you're an awesome navigator and we greatly appreciated your superior flying skills and fun nature.
Captain Jeff, you're a funny guy - really! I would love the opportunity to hear some more of your stories.
I will most definitely be doing this again and next time with our two boys. And next time, I want to spend more time truly experiencing all that the ride offers rather than taking photographs. I think I got some great photos and video though but I think next time I'm just going to sit back and enjoy.



Paul and Tamara Knight
Oviedo,  FL US FL
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 21 2011

Dear Capt Jeff and Capt Kim!
Thank you so much for a magical day! We did not expect it to be THAT much fun :-) The kids cannot stop talking about the whole experience!
Thank you again, we would do it again tomorrow!
And we will recommend your company to all our friends :-)



Christy Moss
Pittsburgh  pa USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 13 2011

This was an unforgettable experience. The whole crew makes you feel like part of their family. I had a great time and can not wait to do it again. I would recommend flying with them anytime. We had to make a landing because my 6 yr niece was crying. John handled the the situation very professionally. We were back in the air in no time.



Susan Barnes and family
Staffordshire United Kingdom
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 18 2011

Hi Jeff and crew,
Our flight was out of this world. We were a little hesitant about our son(who has autism) but he had an amazing time!
Your pilot, Mark, was tremendous with both of our children - full of fun, facts and AMAZING jokes!! He took time to talk to us, get to know us and talked to the children about things that would interest them; he was very warm and welcoming. Patrick our crew for the day was awesome and very friendly.
This made our 10th Anniversary very special and we thought if anyone is thinking of doing this, then this is the company to do it with - a truly breathtaking experiene.
Thank you so much guys.
Take care and we will definitely see you again Best wishes Barnes' family xx This in itself is priceless



Carol Gunther
Port Charlotte Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Aug 15 2011

Wow Wow. The flight was awesome, you really can't describe it. Jon our pilot is fantastic, we were just gliding through the air. The whole team & ground crew were great very professional & the jokes keep coming. My granddaughter & her friend & myself had a great time. I am going to look forward to a next time with other grandchildren. Absolutely recommend it. Thank you Jeff, Jon & all the ground crew.



Joy Brace
Keller TX USA
Yes I have flown with you!
July 19 2011

In July 2011 My family and I went on vacation. I have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon, but being scared of heights, I wasnt sure if it was going to be fun or not. Jeff reassured my family and I that we would be just fine. I can Honestly tell you that I am so glad that I went in the balloon as it was a dream of mine. It was not scary at all, My family had a blast! For a person who is so scared of heights, I have to sayI can not wait to go back to Florida to go on another ride with Thompson Aire again!
Thank you Jeff for the Amazing time you game me and my family, it is forever in our Hearts!



Stephanie moss
Pittsburgh Pa united states
Yes I have flown with you!
Aug 13 2011

the flight was AWESOME!!! All the staff members were very friendly. I cant find words to describe the feeling! I strongly recommend u give it a try. Its definitely an unforgettable experience!!!



Raymond Plumley
Bristol UK
Yes I have flown with you!
July 28 2011

Serenity now, insanity later!!
One of the most beautiful experiences ever! Even our most nervous member loved the flight, the take off & landing were perfect, the ground crew really knowledgeable & helping with the inflation & folding away was good fun too. We will definitely book again when we return to Florida.
If you have any doubts whatsoever, please be assured by a nervous, over-the-hill, middle-aged Brit that it's F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!!!!
Thank you John :-)x



Arlene Bonitz
Palm Harbor  Fl
 Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Aug 4 2011

We went up on my daughter Jyllenes 21st birthday, my son Kristopher was 22 a few days before so we wanted to do something special to remember this day. Captain John made it an incredible adventure for all of us, he has a wonderful sense of humor and great personality,Jyllene even had a happy birthday inflatable cake and champange toast after the ride!!! We all enjoyed helping inflate and deflate the balloon, and the breakfast buffet.
The flight was spectacular watching the sunrise with other balloons in flight,very serene and smooth, we even saw a herd of deer run through the fields. Thanks to John and the crew we had a very soft landing which made my son very happy since he was in a boot cast. The entire experience was amazing and we would all do it again!!!



Josi Teeters
Naples FL USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Aug 7 2011

I can't even begin to describe what an amazing experience our family had! Everything from start to finish was top notch. We were so comfortable having our kids in the balloon due to the excellent safety record and experience from our Pilot John. Not only is this a must but John and Steve made the experience fun!!! We will definetly be back and we will recommend Thompson Aire to ALL of our friends and family. Thank you for an unforgetable day! You are true professionals that create lifelong memories. Thank you.



Bill, Tracy and Brittany Workman
Pinellas Park FL USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
Aug 1 2011

Dear Captain Jon and Steve,
Thank you for a wonderful and beautiful flight. This was a gift to my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary, what a surprise. I also bought an extra ticket for our 16 yr old daughter to go. John explained everything that would or could happen. It really eases your mind when you know what to expect. My only part that I was ever nervous about was the landing. John told us where he was going to land and he nailed it. We learned a lot about ballooning, how things work, why this is there and what does this string go to. We also learned that Thompson Aire is a family owned and operated business and they have flown all over. The jokes were awesome and we cant wait to see the little balloons in 9 months, ha ha. Thank you again for an awesome flight and we hope to do it again. Good Luck in Iowa, I was born in Dubuque.



sambath sun
richmond va: United States
 Yes I have flown with you!
July 20 2011

this is by far the best experience i ever had, i propose to my girlfriend that morning and it was beautiful ,keep up the good job guys!



Curt and Renee' McDonald
Jennings FL
Yes I have flown with you!
July 30 2011

We booked the ride to mark off one of my father in laws bucket list items. He is very ill with cancer and we didn't want to waste anytime booking this flight. I spoke with one of the pilots over the phone and he was very comforting. Of course, seeing is believing and trusting when it comes to our family members. The crew, the whole crew not only the pilots but everyone one of the TEAM was awesome. They showed compassion, love, understanding, and most of all personality. The flight was full of laughter and fun which allowed our family the chance to take their minds off of sickness and cancer for once in over a year. We cannot express our appreciation and gratitude for this wonderful experience. From the beginning of the flight to the hot air balloon drive thru at 7-Eleven to the ending with the champagne toast, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thank you again and if you are ever in North Florida please let us know because it is our turn to treat you guys to fun and laughter!!! Thank you and G od bless.



Brian and Ashley Cowell
Davenport FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
July 24 2011

We just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Capt. John. Having seen the balloons flying around our new home for a few years now, we are happy to have finally gotten to experience this for ourselves. Such a peaceful and serene feeling, it was wonderful to view the world from a different point of view. We had a blast. Thanks again!




Rick and Marya
Tampa FL
I would do it again tomorrow..
July 23 2011

Marya and I enjoyed our selves more than words can describe. Doug did a fantastic job of piloting the aircraft, entertaining Marya, and teaching me some basics of ballooning. Thanks for making our day special!!!



Yes I have flown with you!
July 23 2011




 Bryan Taylor
Orlando FL
Yes I have flown with you!
July 23 2011

Thank you so much for the great time you provided to us this morning! I'm not generally one for writing reviews, but I was so impressed with your services that I felt I had to tell others that might be considering booking with you. I am a business owner myself, so I really value customer service when working with a company and yours is fantastic! From the moment we arrived you and your team were personable, knowledgeable, fun, and ready to make this a great experience for everyone involved. Jon was our pilot and he was great. He couldn't have done anything to make the trip any better. Thank you again! And, if you are reading this and considering booking a flight with these guys, stop considering and just do it. You'll be so happy you did!



Earl & Gerry Jacobson
Sarasota Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
July 20 2011

We celebrated our 60th Wedding Anniversary and were witness to a Marriage Proposal from a MUCH younger couple. Noteworthy of course but no where near the fascination with the pilots skill with directional and vertical control. I say this as a Retired Marine Mach 1 jet jockey who now speaks with reverence about balloon pilots. My wife and I may simply celebrate no special occasion just to fly with Thompson Aire again.




 The Leonard Family
Winthrop Harbor  IL USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
June 7 2011

This ride was absolutely amazing! The staff was so friendly & fun! We all got to help set up and take down the balloon. THANK YOU THOMPSONAIRE FOR AN EXTREMELY MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE <3



Yes I have flown with you!
June 26 2011





Victoria & Daryl Henderson
Largo FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
July 4 2011

I surprised my husband with today's balloon ride. We both had a fantastic time. The whole experience was amazing. We would love to do this again! There is nothing like it! Thank you, Capt. Jeff.



Loretta and Drew Santo
Palm Harbor FL USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
July 3 2011

What a great experience. Our pilot Kim was excellent and very interesting. Flight was amazing, breath taking view of the Disney area. We would highly recommend you ask for Kim if considering this hot air balloon experience. Landing was smooth and ground crew (Superman & Little Wolf) exceptional. Jeff (0wner) was a hoot- we laughed at his jokes, and historical information was very informative. This adventure was on our bucket list, and we would highly recommend all to experience this exhilarating event!




Martha Thomas
Auburndale FL USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
July 2 2011

Took my grandchildren (10 and 7 years of age); they loved it too! Not only FUN and BEAUTIFUL but interesting information (even the jokes). Be prepared to be amazed!



Bob Bauer
Auburndale Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
July 2 2011

What a great experience! I highly recommend ThompsonAire. They were very professional and yet friendly and helpful. My 70+ mother went for the ride with no problems at all. Today, I was able to check off another item on the bucket list. Thanks ThompsonAire!



 Tim and Lisa Ellis
Orlando FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
July 1 2011

What an amazing experience!!! Loved skimming the surface of the water and grazing the tops of the trees. Your crew is awesome...would love to do it again soon with the whole family!! I promise not to pick number 16 next time :) :) :)




Joseph Hodder & Gang DeKalb IL USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
June 15 2011

Jon & Patrick,
We had a heaveningly experience. We would do it again. But we insist upon this team and we would like the same landing site. There is NO motion sickness. Thanks for an excellant adventure.



 David and Marcia Shemo
Tampa Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!
June 12 2011

Had a wonderful time on our hot air balloon ride! We loved everything about the trip. It was our first flight and would love to do it again. It was a perfect experience from the crew, to the lift off and flight, the landing, the champagne toast and prayer and the wonderful breakfast. Thank you for a beautiful experience.



 Andrea Grabarski
Yes I have flown with you!
June 12 2011

Thank you so much for the opportunity to fly with you!! We had such a great time on our flight with Doug and we will be raving to our friends back home if they go to Orlando to get onto you guys.. We had the best day and it all started with YOU! Would do it again & again & again.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!



Tanja Hotz
Nordheim BW Germany
Yes I have flown with you!
June 13 2011

Hey Jon and Team, thank you for a wonderful air ballooning experience. We enjoyed it very much. Also the kids were amazed and I had a wonderful mothers day gift :-)

I would do it again and again and again and again and again :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

And - of course - I will not forget that you inflate a balloon ......... :-)



Carl & Sally Finnell
Casselberry FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!

June 11 2011

We had a wonderful time. No words can adequately describe the experience you have floating with the wind. It is peaceful and inspiring. We will be going again!!!!



Mara Fernanda Romero
Guayaquil Ec Ecuador
Yes I have flown with you!
May 31 2011

Fantstic. Do not have words to describe our flight. Maravilloso, se lo recomiendo a todos los que vayan a Orlando que no se pierdan esta aventura y filosofa que Jeff comparte con sus clientes. Good Job everybody, thank you ver much. Blessings

Mara, Juan Andres & Juan Xavier



John Holcomb
Spring Hill Fl US
Yes I have flown with you!
June 5 2011

What an incredible way to end an awesome Weekend in Orlando. Our first time ever in a balloon, and the experience was unforgettable. The hospitality was 2nd to none from start to finish, and our pilot, "Capt. Kim McCourt" was awesome. I would highly recommend him and this company to anyone interested in a very relaxing and fun time...



Arthur & Lee Helm
Boca Raton Fl
Yes I have flown with you!
May 29 2011

Wanted to says thanks for a wonderful flight. Our captain, Kim McCourt, was alot of fun to fly with, he made us feel comfortable and safe. We were in a large party and were quite snug in the balloon. It was one more item to scratch off my mother-in-law's bucket list. I will tell you that she also had a great time, but she did say jumping out of an airplane is just a bit more exciting.



Dee,Edmund,Kaden&Jacob[who ran ]
Bradenton Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!
June 28 2011

It was Dee's birthday and she was like a kid the whole trip. Got off the Earth and saw it better than we ever had. All beautiful and the crew, Steve, took care of Jacob, who ran when he heard the firey beast bellow at him. Got our pine cones and the memories that will last a life time. The whole organization were so professional they made it. fun. Really bad jokes.



 Rich and Linda Votapka

Vero Beach Florida US
Yes I have flown with you!
May 27 2011

WOW!!!!! What a fantastic experience!! Thanks to John, our pilot, Jeff, Patrick, and all the crew for a most memorable flight. It was like floating on a cloud, a truly surrealistic feeling. The whole package was well planned, ending with a breakfast buffet where we had the opportunity to talk with the pilots and other passengers. The knowledge of the pilots was impressive and very reassuring that we were flying with the best!! We will certainly tell all our friends and family about our wonderful adventure!!! We would love to do this again!!!



Dan & Ellen Johnson
Melbourne, FL US
Yes I have flown with you!
May 22 2011

My wife and I celebrated our 40th anniversary on this day. Our selection to go with Thompson Aire could not have been better. The knowledge, the experience, the professionalism, courtesy. We were fortunate to have Kim as our pilot and Leo as ground crew, two wonderfully professional individuals with extraordinaire people skills. Kudo's TA, we will recommend you to all our friends and look forward to going again. You're right ...a "Little Piece of Heaven". Thank you all



Kevin & Elaine Haigh
Leeds UK United Kingdom
Yes I have flown with you!
May 23 2011

Just returned from the most remarkable experience we have ever had, floating nearly 3000 feet in the air, tranquil and peaceful, apart from Capt Jeff's jokes. A wonderful flight, Thank you Capt Jeff and ground crew



Trina P..
Tampa FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
May 21 2011

Definitely had a very memorable experience! It really felt like one of the most peaceful places in the world to be..gently floating along without a care in the world. Capt. Kim and Leo were great. The whole experience was so much fun!



Helen & Bill Grier
Portsmouth UK
Yes I have flown with you!
May 18 2011

What a wonderful experience. Kim made us very welcome and is a very skilled pilot. Would recommend you to all our friends. Thanks for the memory!!



John and Jennifer Wassman

Apopka FL U.S.

Yes I have flown with you!

May 14 2011


Flying in the balloon was absolutely beautiful and extremely peaceful. We thoroughly enjoyed our pilot, Kim and the rest of the team. It was an experience of a lifetime!




Janet Woodruff
Naples FL United States
Yes I have flown with you!

May 1 2011

One of my many "things to do before I die" was to ride in a hot air balloon. My husband arranged a flight as a birthday gift. I could not have been more thrilled! Right from our first "hello" from Captain Jeff to our end of the flight breakfast, everything was first class. Our pilot Captain John was a wonderful guide. I loved our "dip" in a pond and the awesome scenery. He gently lowered the balloon to the exact spot he wanted and we landed as easily as we took off. Thanks for a wonderful experience!


Janet Woodruff, Naples, FL



Sharon Smith
port hawkesbury ca nova scotia
Yes I have flown with you!
April 30 2011

Thanks to all the ground crew and our great captain Kim for a wonderful experience. We would do it again in a heart beat. I have wanted to do this since the last time I was in Florida and saw the Balloon floating across the sky and this trip exceeded my expectations. We will do this again and more of our group will now go with us because we had such a great time. Talking about it, showing our pictures and videos does not even come close to the real experience. All I can say is DO it, you WILL love it. Capt. Kim has the best job in the world.


THANKS again.

Sharon, Carolyn, Kelsie and Leah



Rick & Ginny Coady
Mt. Pearl NL Canada
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
March 25 2011

Where do I begin....I know...OMG!!!!!!
We were originally scheduled to fly on 03/23/11...canceled due to fog. Then we had arranged to fly the following day...canceled due to high winds. We had one more shot on Friday as we were starting our cruise on Saturday. Thursday night I called Jeff and he said it was a go for to our ears. We arrived at the best Western and after a short video presentation and safety briefing, we were taken to the launch site by the crew. Our Pilot was Kim was great...bad jokes and all, but I am glad that he asked some guys on the ground if we were headed in the right direction to Kansas!! Thanks to all of your team Jeff, especially Kim and Patrick. It was an experience we will NEVER forget and hope to fly with you again in the near future.



 Mike Cronin
Holbrook,  NY USA
Yes I have flown with you!
April 19 2011

Kim gave us a great ride, from floating on the lake to picking pinecones from treetops, we'll be back next yr. for sure. In spite of Jeff's jokes



 Irene Graham
Orlando Fl USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
April 24 2011

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What a fantastic experience. This was a dream come true for me and I would do it again in a heart beat. Jeff, Doug, Kim and the ground crew are the best. You couldn't ask for a better crew. They are friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. They made my first flight very enjoyable. They have my vote!



Nancy Nicolls
Alder Flats  AB Canada
I would do it again tomorrow..
April 24 2011

Our last day in Florida, what an incredible way to end an awesome holiday... Our first time ever in a balloon, and the experience was unforgettable... The hospitality was 2nd to none from start to finish, and our pilot, "Capt. Kim McCourt" was a true and kind professional.. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone interested in a very relaxing and fun time...



 Mark Stephens-Row
Colchester UK
Yes I have flown with you!
April 22 2011

Had to leave a message today, it was such a fantastic experience! Jeff's jokes were quality cheese and we had a superb flight with Doug - we were in very safe hands! Certainly the highlight of the trip and a fantastic way to spend the penultimate day of our holiday! Couldn't recommend the whole experience more and money much better spent than queuing round 'Dismal' World!!! Thanks! The S-R's from England.



Amanda W.
Flagler Beach FL USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
 April 16 2011

This was our first time on a Hot Air Balloon Ride. What an amazing experience for our Anniversary! We paid for a private flight and well worth it! Thank you Capt. Jeff! Great Staff & safety is their priority. Great Jokes! I'm hooked on Hot Air Balloons now! I would recommend you to everyone!

Thank You.



Elayne Morgan
Orlando FL USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
April 14 2011

We have had just the most special experience this morning!! One we will cherish for a very long time and it will definitely be the highlight of our trip here. A huge thank you to Jeff and the crew for making it such a fantastic time and we really do hope we will get the chance to come and do it again!!



Jeffrey Scott

Flown with you!

questions: I flew with you last Sunday April 10, 2011. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful flight. Your whole operation is extremely professional. I will highly recommend your Balloon flight to everyone. Thank You, Again, for a very memorable experience.



Edith Lassonde
Merritt Island FL united States

Yes I have flown with you!
April 9 2011

The best birthday EVER!!! Took my family and grandkids. Had a blast!!! My husband was in the chase car and loved helping with the ground crew. Thanks so much for a wonderful time..



 Teresa Mendez
 Kissimmee FL US
Yes I have flown with you!
April 7 2011

Oh My this had to be the best birthday present ever. I wish that I could spend very birthday in one of your balloons. You and your staff made this Birthday a memory I will cherish forever!!!



Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sheridan
Jacksonville  FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
March 19 2011

We had an absolute blast!! All the pilots had a great sense of humor and southern hospitality. We had our wedding ceremony while in the air for sunrise. Capt. Jeff timed it perfectly, and made us feel very comfortable. Couldn't have asked for a better flight or wedding!!




Leonard Holman
Longwood FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
March 12 2011

Being from the Orlando area for many years, I knew of Thompson Aire but always put it off as something to do since it was so close. For my first anniversary I finally decided to hit the air for a romantic ride in the sky. The ride exceeded my expectations and my wife was extremely delighted and surprised . I would definitely recommend Thompson Aire to my friends and anyone traveling here for vacation. The ride in the air was amazing, and an experience I will definitely be trying to do soon. The Thompson Aire staff were also extremely friendly and fun to fly with. Great job Thompson Aire and thank you for the great experience!!



Julie Sheffield
Pembroke Pines Fl US
I am on your calendar!
March 12 2011

Thank you Jon for a exciting and fun flight. We were canceled on Wednesday and came back on Saturday and glad we did. This is an experience everyone should try at least once in their life time. Jon, you and Patrick make a great team! You two made my family and I feel very safe. Plus, your humor was an extra bonus. Thanks again for an experience of a life time.



 Lee & Gracie Brown
Jacksonville FL
Yes I have flown with you!
March 8 2011

Hi Jeff, thanks for the outstanding flight this morning. Gracie and I enjoyed our first balloon ride, and she is now even more inspired to make a balloon and fly it. She is even talking about becoming a pilot herself and she may contact you about flight instruction. We just may see you again with the whole family. For anyone considering a hot air balloon ride, look no further than Thompson Aire --an exceptionally professional group; Jeff, Jon, Steven, and Brian are all great!

Blessings, Lee & Gracie Brown



Carroll Ripley
Orlando CA usa
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 16 2011

Hi Jeff,

We would like to thank you for the awesome flight and incredible knowledge you have of balloons. Although my Aunt was absolutely petrified your constant chatter eased her mind and your absolutely soft touchdown was amazing!

Carroll, Laurie, Barb and June



Jim and Marsha Works
Grant FL usa
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 27 2011

This is the first time my wife and myself have ever been on a Hot Air Balloon ride. It was fantastic, the people were great and made every one feel at ease. We had a great pilot by the name of Kim. Helping both before and after with the crew is a great thing to do also. Kim did a great job of flying and landing the balloon. We will definitely be back and recommend it to other people.


To the Crew/Pilots of TA have a safe day.



Gail Dove & Pat Crookston

Flown with you!
Feb 26 2011

Just a HUGE thank you for a great flight with Capt. Doug. This was just the best adventure ever. We had so much fun and it was so beautiful to see the sunrise from a balloon.


Thanks again. Pat & Gail



Tina Callaghan
Casselberry Fl USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Feb 21 2011

That was the most majestic experience of my lifetime! Never felt so at peace as today, can't wait till we can come out and volunteer on the ground crew for you guys. Thank you for giving us a priceless memory. We will be forever grateful!



 Joey Roselli
Orlando FL USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Feb 20 2011

What an awesome experience! I am looking forward to doing it again. I recommend Thompson Aire to everyone looking for hot air balloon rides. They have an awesome crew (especially my man Capt. Kimmy McCourt). Champagne, and breakfast after a sunrise flight. You just cant beat it!



John and Dora Huelse
Parkersburg WV USA
Yes I have flown with you!
 Feb 19 2011

What a truly amazing flight--from lift-off to touchdown--it was one of the most remarkable experiences in my life. Capt. Jeff made the flight so interesting with his jokes and stories--and his exceptional flying abilities made for an awesome flight. Thanks, again, to Jeff, Jon, and the entire crew for an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.



James and Dee Walter
Crestview FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Feb 17 2011

What a wonderful experience! There was ground fog which made the landing done by GPS which was done perfectly! I'm hoping to go with you and no one else when there's no Fog. We were canceled a couple of times because of weather, but it's sure worth the wait.



Scott O'Neill

Kingsland GA

Yes I have flown with you!

Jan 29 2011

Words do not do justice to the amazing flight I experienced. It was amazing. Thanks Jeff for a great ride.


Ludolf Lehmann & Family

Bellport NY USA

Yes I have flown with you!

Jan 28 2011

Capt. Jeff and crew

You guys are in a class by yourselves, very careful to make everyone comfortable with an experience that will last a lifetime. I can't say anything that hasn't been said before, our balloon ride was awesome. Thanks again




 Stephen Dennie
Stoke on Trent UK
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!
Jan 4 2011

Had a brilliant flight with the current state Champion, Jon. LOL. One of the most best experiences of our lifes. Jon was brilliant as our captain and made us feel so special, Jokes are as corny as expected. LOL. We had a brilliant time and will never forget that experience as long as we live. WE WOULD ONLY EVER FLY WITH YOU AGAIN WHEN WE ARE NEXT IN THE STATES. Thank you. Jacky AND Steve. x



Toni Johnson
Orlando Fl Orange
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan 23 2011

This was defiantly the coolest surprise birthday present I could have ever asked for! Everything about the experience was awesome; even with our windy take off!! The crew was just as friendly and funny as Jeff was and they all not only seemed like they were professionals but proved it and made this also a safe trip. I loved hearing all the history behind the group and the genuine passion for their chosen art. Thank you all so much for helping me celebrate an awesome 21st!!!! I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to have the best hot air balloon experience Florida has to offer! <3 Best wishes!!



Rose & Victor Rodriguez
Davenport FL
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan 15 2011

Amazing experience by Far! Not only was it a spectacular flight but Captain Jeff and his staff are Awesome! They were friendly and funny. Captain Jeff not only entertained us with his stories and jokes but made us feel so comfortable. Even at the end when payment was due you would think the atmosphere would change into a business transaction but it didn't. It stayed very personal, like we made new friends! We are already planning our next ride and definitely inviting some friends and family. Thank you Thompson Aire Family!



Doug, Cathy, Alison, Mike
Lake Mary Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan 16 2011

Great flight! Not so great jokes (just kidding). Anyone thinking about a hot air balloon ride in the Orlando area should book with Thompson Aire. Fabulous experience!



Carolyn Conner
Winter Garden FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 20 2010

What a wonderful surprise for me, I thought I was to be in the chase van, then I'm told I get to go in the balloon along with my son, his wife and 3 grandchildren. It was beautiful, quiet, so smooth just like I thought it would be and I can't wait to go again. I think I will take my 94 year old mom, she is ready to go.



 John Dugan, Mary Hyde & Samantha
Clermont Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan 2 2011

The balloon flight was a Christmas gift. What an amazing way to start the new year! I have always loved seeing balloons in the sky and never imagined that I would get to do it. It was very special and to experience it with my boyfriend and daughter made it even more so. We had a magical flight with a double rainbow. I felt like a feather. We had a very nice landing and the breakfast after was very enjoyable. We learned so much too. The owner and staff were great. It was even better than I could imagine.



 Bill & Gisele Wilson
 would do it again tomorrow..
Jan 5 2010

We thoroughly enjoyed our flight with Thompson Aire. The entire experience from meeting to buffet was expertly done. The flight/ground crews were very knowledgeable, professional and entertaining! A fun experience and we would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Guys and Gals!
Bill/Gisele Wilson



 Michael and Pam Marrinan
London UK
Yes I have flown with you!
Jan / 5 / 2011

We have just had our first ever balloon flight this morning and it was a fantastic experience. This was a surprise birthday treat for me, and I admit to being slightly nervous. However everything about the day, the introduction, the team, our pilot Jon and the actual flight itself was superb. Thank you so much for a once in a lifetime treat and I can't wait to do it again. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.


Thank you. Pam.



Richard Beasley
Solihull mi united kingdom
I would do it again tomorrow..
month: Dec  8 2010

Capt Jeff ,

i would like to thank you for a experience of a lifetime , we have been coming to Orlando for the past 7 years and always said that we will go on a hot air balloon . The day was something me and by 67year old dad will never forget, we are so glad that we chose Thompson Aire as your competition was also flying that morning and of all the balloons we where the only only one's to land in a safe area , we never felt scared and everything was fully explained. We even had fun helping put up the balloon , once again thank you for a magical day and we will be booking with you next year . Mr. Richard Beasley



Billi-jo Polier
Cranbrook BC Canada
I would do it again tomorrow..
March 7 2010

What an amazing experience! I have ALWAYS wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. I get air sick and thought I would never do it because of that reason.

But then i thought I would go any ways. It feels like you never leave the ground it is amazing feeling. You dont get sick and im scared of heights but you dont get that feeling either. It was so quiet and peaceful. It was so much better then i Imagined it could be.

My very sick sister Bridget got to do this, died 2 months later but was so glad she got to do it.

My dream and she got to do it with me. Our kids got to go with us too witch was so neat.

They are a GREAT group of people to work with, super friendly and very knowledgeable about the whole experience.

Thanks Billi-jo Alander and the Westgates



 Nhu & Phu Nguyen
Orlando Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Nov 20 2010

WOW! What a wonderful experience that we had with the first hot air balloon ride. It was awesome! We had lot of fun and feeling safe at the same time. Cap't Thompson and his crew were funny and very professional. We would highly recommend this to everyone at any ages. THANK YOU THOMPSON AIRE !



Christine Mazzola
Bethlehem PA USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Dec 04 2010

WOW. My cousin Fran, took me on my 1st Balloon ride. It was just awesome. It felt like I was a bubble, just floating along. A great pilot, great weather, wonderful company-what more could you ask for? And I wasn't even scared. :-) Thanks for such a great experience. Christine



Marby & Danny Chavez
Miami  Fl USA
Yes I have flown with you!
Oct 16 2010

This was the best experience ever!! I would like to thank everyone at Thompson Aire for being so great. The entire team is friendly and incredibly professional. Jeff is super funny and friendly and our pilot Doug was simply awesome. Oh and how can I forget Maggie Mae she's just too cute. Since this day I haven't stopped telling people about this trip and recommending Jeff and his team. My boyfriend surprised me and proposed on the balloon ride so this was definitely unforgettable. Now every time I think of this day it brings a smile to my face. Many thanks to Jeff and the crew for making this day so special.
Oh and to Jeff the worst part of the flight is definitely not the jokes its seeing it end!! It was a wonderful experience :-)



Andrew Wolf
Bay Village Ohio USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!

WE loved it! Amazing! Our daughter was very surprised, she loved it also! She can't wait to come back and do it again! Jeff is a great pilot and we won't fly with anyone else. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THOMPSON AIRE and JEFF. Thank you for a great flight!



Jeff, Deb and Bobby Rumzie
Saegertown  PA USA
I would do it again tomorrow..

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. Cap't Jeff and Patrick were awesome. Words can't describe our experience so I will just say to anybody out there that will listen..."just do won't regret it"!!!! Thank you!! PS...Patrick....we didn't realize until now that you are a retired Navy Seal.....we just want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!



The Hinchliffes

Great Yarmouth Norfolk United Kingdom

Yes I have flown with you!

9th Nov 2010

Just got home after our trip of a lifetime. Wanted to say John you were amazing. The flight was just perfect and I was surprised how I didn't even feel I was that high up. The children thought you were fantastic and Miles hasn't stopped talking about it. We have such special memories that will last a lifetime, Thank you. The Hinchliffes Norfolk UK. xxx


Dan, Kate & Patrick Langlois
Liverpool NY USA
Yes I have flown with you!

We had a great time on our flight. It was breath taking. We all appreciated both the professionalism and humor of our pilot, Jeff, and the crew. We would highly recommend this experience to everyone and look forward to doing it again sometime.





Reg Coulstring
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Yes I have flown with you!

There are no words to describe the Beauty, Breath Taken View's. I sincerely did not want to come down. Thank You Capt. Jeff for the most wonderful experience in my life. I am 70 years old, and awe struck. Once again THANK YOU Capt. Jeff for a wonder Flight.

Reg Coulstring, Halifax N.S. Canada



Paul Butterfield
Spanish Fork UT USA
Yes I have flown with you!

My first balloon ride and Doug was our pilot. He was a true professional and the ride itself was an amazing experience! Something everyone needs to try! Our group took up 3 balloons and I was especially impressed with how efficient the entire crew was. At the same time they really made us feel welcome and part of their group. Thanks for a great morning!



Danielle Brown
Yes I have flown with you!

I arranged a balloon trip for my new husband as a wedding present, and after looking at other websites felt confident booking with Thompson Aire and I am glad I did!! We had an amazing time and both me and Matthew loved it. I would highly recommend this to everybody and cannot thank Jon, Jeff, Pat and team enough for an unforgetable, enjoyable experience. Many thanks guys! Hope to see you again soon loads of love Mr & Mrs Brown! xx



Daisy Wills
Groveland Florida United States
I am on your calendar!




Jonathan Walsh and family
Warwick Uk

We were on a family holiday from the uk in October and booked a flight with you for ourselves and two daughters (age 9)
It really was a fantastic experience for us all and we would recommend it to anyone. It was great helping with both getting the balloon up and also packing it away at the end. Maggie Mae really is a cute dog and the girls really liked her. It's also worth the trip for the endless flow of balloon humor during the morning
Thanks....... the walsh's from Warwick (uk)


Tere Laakso
Orlando Florida USA
I would do it again tomorrow..

What an amazing experience. I will do it again. The crew is personable, humorous and very professional. Everything is just as they said. You feel no motion at all. Its as if someone is moving the ground beneath you. I loved the personal attention they give you and chose Thompson Aire over the competitors due to the size of the baskets. I didnt want to feel like cattle being herded into a large basket with 16 strangers. Setup is quick and before you know it, they tell you to get in. Then youre off the ground and floating up. Its amazing how with no physical steering apparatus that they are able to successfully get to where they want to go. It is an excellent way to see the beautiful sunrise on a gorgeous Sunday morning.



Yes I have flown with you!

Wow! My husband and I had our first flight and enjoyed our experience. I am fearful of heights, but Steve and John have curbed my fear. It was so peaceful and so beautiful up so high and just floating. Didn't know where we were being launched from or landing which was an interesting fact. Our landing was great...just a few bounces. I would do it again, I think in Napa, California this time.



Stacey Jessee Glenn
Newburgh Indiana USA
Yes I have flown with you!

WOW! What an amazing experience! For as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. When I found out that this was something I could do while in Florida, I didn't think twice about it. I choose TA because of all of the valuable information on their website and numerous photos and videos. They are a GREAT group of people to work with and I can't wait to fly with them again! I had the opportunity to fly by myself with two great pilots...Doug and Kim, who were both super friendly and very knowledgeable about the whole experience. You can read more about my experience and see my photos by visiting my blog at Thanks to everyone at Thompson Aire for making my first hot air balloon ride such a memorable one!



gilles and Tommy QUINTO
Yes I have flown with you!

Wow! It was just Fab. Captain Jeff was great but the jokes don't fly as high as his !o). I would recommend you to try to fly with Thomson air, they are very professional but at the same time so friendly and accessible, so down to earth (normal for an balloonist)...ahahah you should put this one on your site Jeff.... Really, we are so please about our flight and it will certainly stay in our memories for a long long time. So a big thanks for all the staff and Jeff. We will have to do it again next time in Orlando.

Gilles and Tommy Quinto



Debbie & Michael Stewart

Rochdale UK

I would do it again tomorrow..


What can i say......????

No words can describe, it was amazing!

This flight was booked as a suprise for me ... and a suprise it was! i have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon but thought it was just a pipe dream. My partner Mick had arranged with Thompsonaire to propose to me while in the balloon. With the help of Jeff, Doug, Kim & all the ground crew they made it possible. This no doubt comes high up in my top ten of the most memorable and special moments of my life..... so far! (wedding in a balloon might top it!) If you are reading these comments and researching "which" company to go with..... well, there's no contest. They are totally proffesional, friendly, funny (honest!), experienced and the fact they all love their job so much makes all the difference.

Keep up the hard work guys & if i ever get the chance to come to Florida again, you will be at the top of my list above any theme park. Thanks again Debbie



Cindy Kingry

St Augustine FL USA

Yes I have flown with you!


This was SO much fun. Not only flying but being part of the whole experience. We had fun helping the balloons fill and empty too. It was awesome to be part of the liftoff of all of the balloons at nearly the same time. We'd do it again in a heartbeat!



Emma Armitage
Skipton North Yorkshire United Kingdom
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!

Hi Captain Jeff!

We have just got back from our flight with you (literally 2 minutes ago!). To anyone reading this, don't just think about doing it, whatever your fears or concerns, do it! It is as memorable as promised, entertaining and utterly awesome! The views are fantastic and the flight is so smooth you don't even realize you have left the ground! Highly highly recommended :)

Emma, David & Muriel



Jason Watkins
Newport South WALES, UK
Yes I have flown with you!

We were so pleased to eventually fly after a few days bad weather stopping us. An absolutely amazing experience, worth getting up at the crack of dawn for!
Doug, our pilot was a really great guy - we had a "normal" flight with a wonderful sunrise and amazing views. We also had an absolutely brilliant landing. Thank you Doug! Thank you also to John and all the ground crew for planning our flight so brilliantly. We felt really honoured to have so many highly qualified pilots helping out. We would love to ride again someday. Jason, Lindsey and Luke Watkins  UK




Catterall family
Market Deeping UK
Yes I have flown with you!

Jeff and Steven
Many thanks for an absolutely memorable flight this morning. It's definitely up there with the best.

Wow wow wow

Paul Janice Emma and Hannah



Millie Llamas
Kissimmee Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!

Thank You! Thank You! for allowing me to erase yet one more item from my BUCKET LIST! My cousin Fidel & I felt it was the smoothest & most wonderful experience ever. We appreciated Captain Jeff & Steve's knowledge of ballooning in making it a GREAT ride. DO IT FOLKS...YOU WON'T REGRET IT. Hope to someday ride the winds again.



Shelby & Jason Wright
St. Cloud FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!

I was excited when Jason surprised me with this flight for our anniversary but really didn't know what it would be like. We were in awe as we flew over the "natural" central Florida!! Our pilot, John, was awesome as were the rest of the flight and ground crew. We will be recommending Thompson Aire to everyone we know and will definitely be repeat flyers! Thanks for everything today, guys!!



Jill Van Spankeren & A Edwards

Liverpool Merseyside England

Yes I have flown with you!


In our 10 years of visiting Orlando - this is our best experience ever !! Great fun, great people, great time - awful jokes !!! Jeff's fantastic company on the flight and obviously really knows his stuff. Andy loved every minute of it despite his fear of heights (which isn't triggered on a balloon flight). HIGHLY recommended !!



Michael Mash

Poinciana Florida USA
I can not wait to bring my friends!

Our pilot Jeff was so correct when he said that it is difficult to describe the balloon flight. From the initial briefing to the assembling of the balloon, to the lift off, the flight and the landing, all I can say is it was FANTASTIC! Thompson Aire does it right. We will fly again real soon.



Jon Thompson
Des Moines Iowa USA
On more than one occasion!!

I have known Capt. Jeff for many years , I can assure anyone who is considering taking a flight. You will find NO pilot that loves a sport any more than Capt. Jeff , When you speak to him and you see his eyes light up when he speaks of anything to do with ballooning , You will know as all of us do that have been with him and him crews , Their is no substitute for taking a flight with a pilot who loves what he does.

THANKS , Captain
Jon T. & Mary H.
See you next time !!!!!




Joe & Tammy Lacy

Winter Park FL USA

Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!


Jeff told us that we wouldn't be able to adequately put into words the joy of riding in a balloon and he was right. However, a picture says a thousand words, so here is a link to some pictures we took during our time with Thompson Aire.!/photos.php?id=1474152518 . Many thanks to Doug and Christina for showing us the ropes on our pre-flight visit (which put Tammy's anxiety to rest), to Jon for our wonderful "accidentally extended" flight and to Jeff for sharing his stories, inviting us back to his home for a refreshing drink and a visit with Maggie Mae, and for finding and saving my "link to the world" (which gave us an excuse to come watch a 3rd launch). It was an unforgettable day and we hope to repeat it again very, very soon. May the winds continue to welcome you with softness.

Tammy and Joe Lacy



Kathy Ellis
Lexington Park MD US
Yes I have flown with you!

For our 9th anniversary, my husband Don and I decided to experience a hot air balloon ride for the 1st time. What an awesome experience. Our pilot, Captain Doug, made the flight so enjoyable that we're looking forward to going again. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the flight. Now my husband's even more anxious to move back to Florida. Look out Thompson Aire, you may end up with a new ground crew member.



Yoe Wool Park
Orlando Florida USA
I would do it again tomorrow..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Our pilot Jon was excellent! believe it or not) He even put up with me for the entire trip without throwing me out of the aircraft. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute so much that I had to SCREAM out in excitement by the time we returned to earth. Thank you so much for everything and letting me scream so loud.



Machteld Smith

Woodsboro Maryland USA

I would do it again tomorrow..


Dear Jeff and Crew,

I thoroughly enjoyed the balloon flight at Sun N Fun. I've talked everyone's ears off about how wonderful it was. Thanks for a great experience, I'll never forget!




Stuart and Kim Morgan

Rotherham South Yorkshire UK

I would do it again tomorrow..


Wow what a brilliant experience! Everyone from Thompson Aire made it a fantastic trip, friendly, entertaining and unforgettable. Thanks to all involved, one of the best birthday presents I've ever had, I can't wait to go again !!!



Christine Richards

Saranac Michigan Ionia

Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!


This was such and awesome experience. Captain John was great. This was my kids first trip to Florida. We would do it again in heart beat, but first we need another vacation to Florida. Love it!!!




Eric Wainwright


I would do it again tomorrow..


Safe, awe-inspiring, friendly and unforgettable. I love to fly in small aircraft but this was a totally different experience. Imagine yourself as a one of those floating dandelion 'wishes' that you used to catch in your hand as a kid, to make a wish. It's a lot like being a wish come true.




Nick Celenza

Flown with you!


This was our first hot air balloon ride but it will not be the last. It also will not be the last time we use Thompson Aire. Jeff and his crew really go the extra mile to give you a personalized experience that you will not forget. You just have to put up with Jeff's jokes. (just kidding) Thanks again and we will see you next time we are in Florida.



Toby & April Moss

Jacksonville Florida USA

I would do it again tomorrow..


Dear Jeff, Jon and Crew:

I just wanted to thank you for being part of my 40th birthday. Words can not describe how amazing you guys are! The whole experience from start to finish was truly magical and not one I will soon forget. It is a once in a lifetime experience I want to do again and again!





The Riley's and Hilton's

Sherwood Forest Nottinghamshire Great Britain

 Yes I have flown with you!


Hi Jeff and Steve,

Well were to begin

I cant say that a balloon ride was top of my bucket listprobably not even on it to be truthful. And I guess if it hadnt been for some Cranes deciding to use our front porch as a feeding ground for their chicks, and making a load of noise doing it, we wouldnt have even considered a balloon ride.

But as we watched the birds feed, there you drifted by, and the thought that that maybe a balloon flight would be worth a try came to mind. But enough about us, and more about you.which is how it should be!!! It is difficult to actually put into words our feelings, because the balloon ride is just one small part of the whole event. Being in your company was just as big a part of the experience, the banter and jokes made it a truly memorable few hours. Im not going to describe the ride; it would not be possible to do justice to it in words. (As Jeff will tell you!!!) . What I would say to anyone reading it, and do it with Jeff and his team, I sincerely believe you will have the time of your life.

Personally, the experience is up there with a launch of a shuttle, or seeing Nottingham Forest win the European Cup (twice!!!). They are once in a lifetime experiences that will never be forgotten.

Only I hope that the balloon ride will not be a once only event, because I would love to do this over and over again..but only with Jeff and his team, because they make the whole thing so special. And to Capt Jeff, you may be officially one of the best balloon pilots around (he will tell you that too!!!!), but in our household, you ARE the best. You have now been officially granted legendary status.

From my kids, there is no higher praise.




Gina and Kayla Rementer
Winter Garden Florida USA
Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!


Just wanted to Thank Capt. Jeff for the most AWESOME experience my daughter and I have ever taken! We enjoyed it so much and my daughter's face was priceless! We would do it again tomorrow...that's how much we enjoyed it! Words cannot explain the feeling of being thousands of feet above the trees and the earth's ground! Jeff and his crew are so entertaining and sincere...they were awesome!! Thanks again for the most exciting and surreal experience of my life!!



Glenn and Donna
New Lebanon

New York United States


If there is one thing you should before you die this is it. If I could, I would do this every day with Thompson Aire, they make you feel like one of the family. Thanks for a great time.



Mike and Terri Faber

Mechanicsville VA US

I would do it again tomorrow..


We flew with Jeff and his crew of professionals this morning. The trip was beyond description....better than advertised. Can't wait for our next trip down.  Thank you!



Deborah J Miller

Kissimmee FLA USA


Yes I have flown with you!



WOWZZZZWOW WOW what a ride enjoyed it went by to fast





David Lopez Jr

Dayton  TX US

Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!


The experience was awesome, especially since it was my first time doing this sort of thing. You guys did an amazing job with the proposal to my now Fiance Eleana:) The banner was excellent, and in fact, we will be using the banner as our guestbook for our wedding! Then we will get a nice frame and hang it in our home:) That with the signatures from the crew and the other guests that were present on the day of the flight, will be an awesome story to tell our children in the future. Thank you so much:)



Eleana Gil

Dayton TX US

I would do it again tomorrow..


Oh My Goodness!
I cannot put into words how truly amazing the views were; The crew with all their know-how and bad jokes really made me feel at ease. It's something everyone must experience for themselves. The best part? Having everyone around us, including the other guests, know about my boyfriend's plans to propose. We will DEFINITELY be doing it again next time we're in town! =D



Janis Turner
Dayton OH USA
Yes I have flown with you!

The only word that comes to mind is AWESOME! This is one more thing I have listed on my bucket list. No better place to take the balloon ride than here and they are a top notch team! They made the trip more fun and very informative - we all loved it. Want to come back again next year and fly again!



Pablo, Gustavo and Juan

Buenos Aires Argentina

Yes I have flown with you!


As you have told us, no words can describe what we felt ! Thanks for such wonderful experience




Ernesto and Adriana

Kissimmee FL USA

Wow Wow Wow...& WOW!!



This has been an extraordinary experience we will never forget! Thank you Jeff, John and all the crew for our first flight. Definitely you can board any balloon in the area, but I would find it very difficult to find the warmth that the Thompson's brought to our whole experience!!! Don't choose a balloon company, choose a balloon family! I am looking forward to flying with you again!!!

Ernesto & Adri





Mary Henrich

Dyer Indiana USA

Yes I have flown with you!


It was a fantastic experience! It was my second balloon ride, but everyone else's first. We were lucky to have Capt. Jeff pilot our balloon. Jeff - you are awesome! We could feel how passionate you are about every aspect of the flight. That made it extra-special. We can't wait to ride again!



Adelaide Shores group

Avon Park  FL USA

 Yes I have flown with you!


Had a fantastic flight with Jeff. Great conversations, information, balloon flying from liftoff, to breaking ice on the swamp ponds to picking acorns off pine trees, also wild animals seen. Couldn't ask for a better flight.




Lydia Tubbs

Sebring Florida USA

Yes I have flown with you!


One year ago today we left solid earth, though it looked as if the earth was leaving us. Peacefulness and silence traveled with us as we floated up in the sky over houses, highways and forests. The only sounds were of the occasional spew of gas burning to keep us afloat and of the joy of the passengers. It was the first ride for my friend Betty Parker and for me. We were celebrating January birthdays. My husband went with the crew to pick us up. My favorite part was the brushing of a tangerine tree so that we could glean some fruit from the top. Another passenger and I managed to pick one. We peeled them and shared. I thought our pilot was teasing when he said we were going to pick fruit from the tree.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! Lydia O. Tubbs



Dean & Sylvie Hauth

Thunder Bay  Ontario Canada

Yes I have flown with you!


It was a truely unique experience to soar so high with such down to earth people. The safety standard is first rate. The experience the team members have sets your mind at ease. The Thompson family is so wonderful and inviting they made even a shy person like me, feel right at home.....

Ballooning can't be compared to is so unique and has to be experienced to be truly understood. A fond memory for me and my family that has left a deep impression that will last a lifetime. Thank-You Team Thompson for a first rate, absolutely perfect day. It was worth every penny !!!!!




Richard Lindley

Driffield East Yorkshire England

Yes I have flown with you!


Brilliant from start to finish. You read the brochures and listen to Captain Jeff and you think it all sounds too good to be true, but this guy delivers. Everything is better than you can imagine. The whole team are friendly, very entertaining and totally professional. Where else in Orlando can you have the most fantastic ride and be entertained for three hours and then have breakfast without standing in line? The only downside.....the jokes( just kidding Jeff). Thanks for a memorable experience. We will be back.



mrs sian hatton


london stambourne uk

I would do it again tomorrow..


what a great fun family run business, hot air balloon was brill, floating above the trees and the birds looking down on the world rushing by very peaceful and quiet, wanted to stay up their for ever, would go again tomorrow only holiday had to end,, see u next year.



Nazeemul Hakh & Family

Georgetown Guyana

I would do it again tomorrow..


What a magnificent ride! Who would believe we were sitting in a basket floating the friendly skies! Thanks to Jeff and his competent team for making our ride a memorable one. Special thanks to our pilot Jon - landing was the most fun part and to the efficient ground crew, thank you. Thanks for breakfast and great company. May Almighty God bless you all... continue the good work.

Nazeemul Shareeda Rameez Sarah & Saeed Hakh



Breder Family
Yes I have flown with you!

We had a great time. Flying in a balloon is like floating on a feather. Thompson is professional, fun, and an expert in his field. Thanks for a beautiful morning!




Gilly and Dave
Kissimmee Fl USA
I would do it again tomorrow..

What a blast! Thank you for the great and fun flight - even the jokes!! We had the best experience and would recommend to anyone. We never expected to be dipping down to lakes and touching tree tops - glad you were in control and not us! Thanks again.



Brian Fitzpatrick
Liverpool Merseyside UK
I would do it again tomorrow..

Very difficult to add anything to the other testimonials other than to fully endorse them. Capt Jeff is an absolute star and makes the whole experience so memorable. Obviously he has done the trips thousands of times but he makes you feel it's still a very special and unique occasion. It's an experience I will never forget and one that will truly stay with me forever. What ever happens, I know I will be back with Thompson Aire one day !!



Ian Tubby
Suffolk UK
Yes I have flown with you!

.... FANTASTIC .... Words can't describe a Balloon Ride. From the start to the finish of this experience is was a really well organized experience. Anyone going to Florida / Orlando I would recommend doing this as it ranks amongst the best rides that Florida has to offer and that includes all the Theme Park rides that are available and which I have done but this tops it.. Thanks again Jeff for a fantastic experience and something which I will never forget


Cassandra Jackson
Springfield Virginia USA

I would do it again tomorrow..

Riding in a hot air balloon has always been a dream for me; and I want to thank you for making that dream come true in the most spectacular way. When I feel down, I will remember the peaceful experience of floating in air with good company. Most of all, the Captain got JOKES!!!



Kelly Dick
Long Buckby Northants UK
Yes I have flown with you!

WOW,WOW & WOW...a very memorable experience!! We were delayed with our flight for 4 days but it was so worth waiting for! My in-laws had done it before but myself, my 12yr old daughter and my 16yr old son and husband hadn't and we were a little apprehensive...but we needn't have been, Geoff and his crew were professional to the core, there was no detail left unmentioned. If there's something you wish to do in Florida that's a break from the norm then a balloon flight with Thompson Aire is a must.....thanks guys!!


John and Carmel
wirral UK

I would do it again tomorrow..

We booked a private flight and it was a fantastic experience. I am so glad we spent the extra to take a private flight it was worth every penny (should that be cent)
Everything went smoothly from the very early pick up, the flight and the champagne followed by breakfast.
We had a great pilot (Bob) and the support staff were also great (Steve and his little helper).
We felt in safe hands at all times. I would do it again and I would use / recommend Thompson Aire.



Spink family
Arbroath Scotland
Yes I have flown with you!

What an experience. Just Fab. My husband, I and our two children aged 14 and 17 flew with Jeff as our pilot. I'm not too keen on heights, but this was a whole different experience. It felt like we stayed still and the earth moved away from us - no motion and sudden movements, just a very relaxing, enjoyable experience that we were delighted to share with our children. We even picked a pine cone from the top of a tree which will be hung on our Christmas tree every year reminding us of our fantastic trip with Thompson Aire. Would strongly recommend this company and experience to anyone.


Cheryl and Richard Lane
Winter Springs FL USA
 I would do it again tomorrow..

It was a WONDERFUL experience. Every one was very professional. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 12. Three days later we are still smiling and talking about it.


Laura Sellick
Bristol UK
Yes I have flown with you!

Our very first ever balloon flight and wow - what an experience. Originally booked for my birthday on 27 Sep however due to bad weather they would not take a chance and for safety was cancelled however 30 Sep was great. Only the 3 of us in the balloon and Jeff was a superb pilot. Very professional (as were the rest of the Thompson Aire crew) and felt so much more personal than the large passenger flights which flew past us. Flight lasted an hour and couldn't ask for anything more. The whole team are great and look after you very well - would definately recommend and cannot wait to book again for next year. Thanks again for the best first flight we could have asked for.



Camille Rodney
Delray Beach Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!

What a perfect day for a "Balloon Ride" and what a great experience. It was a wonderful surprise for my husband Gary for his ??th birthday. Many thanks to John our pilot, Jeff who introduced this great adventure to us and to the ground crew. To end it with champagne and the Irish prayer made it a perfect day and birthday surprise.


Denise and Luis Cisneros
 Vero Beach Florida USA
 I would do it again tomorrow..

What an experience! I surprised my husband with a hot air balloon ride and we had the best experience! Our pilot was fabulous and taught us so many things about hot air balloons. The flight was so smooth, peaceful and simply something I want to do again! I want to bring my parents and my children along next time! The entire company is very professional but fun at the same time which makes the ride a real experience! It was so nice to be in a small group also instead of the big hot air balloon rides that were taking off in the same fields as we were which had at least 16 people in their basket! There were 4 of us--very intimate, friendly, while very professional. I can't wait to do it again!


Evelyn & Mark
Holly Hill Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!

John, Jeff, & the Ground Team

Thank you so much for such a fantastic flight! It was amazing! We have not experienced anything like it before! We felt very fortunate to fly with such high caliber balloonists. We will recommend Thompson Aire to friends & family.


Mike and Dusty
Longwood Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!

Amazing, unforgettable, best birthday gift EVER!, is how I would describe flying with Thompson Aire. I would recommend that everyone experience this at least once in their life-time. Without a doubt, hands down would recommend you fly with Thompson Aire. It is apparent from the very beginning that your safety is their #1 priority and concern. They take what they do seriously, but have a blast doing it, and it is contagious, you will have the time of your LIFE! Even with the jokes. I will definitely fly with you again!

Thank you Captain Doug, and the Thompson Aire crew.




Chris Berrisford
Stoke On Trent Stafordshire England
Yes I have flown with you!

Thanx to you all for making our flight a most excellent adventure. Capt John is one fantastic piolet and the ground crew guy pat ripped me up. Hope to fly with you guys again some day. promise to remember to "inflate" the balloon next time. dodgy shirt is still for sale.
thanx again

Chris,Helen&Hannah Berrisford &
Mark,Michell&Elizebeth Fry

we flew with you 2nd aug 2009


Haase Family
Northampton United Kingdom
Yes I have flown with you!

When we decided to book this we were unsure as to what was going to happen - well that concern was taken away immediately as the crew keep you informed at all times. The experience was literally breathtaking with views we could only imagine. The fact that we went over our own home in Florida was a bonus that not even John, our superb pilot, could have arranged better if he tried!! The only downer is that Virgin Atlantic wiped my memory card and erased all images, but they cannot erase our memories we have in our heads - it was one of the best experiences of our lives.
Thanks John
The Haase Family



 frank wood

 skelmersdale lancashire United Kingdom

 I am on your calendar!

3rd Aug 09

What a fantastic way to start any day you guys are so lucky...we enjoyed every second of our time with you..It certainly was one of our most memorable experiences while we were in Florida. Hope one day we'll fly with you again...Many Thanks from Frank, Angela & Grace..x..x..x






St.Helena Piarco Trinidad
Yes I have flown with you!

My brother and I took the flight this morning!. It was incredible! Friendly crew, very comfortable, made the work they do look easy. walk with extra cameras and batteries!. The sunrise view is spectacular.


Kieran Denise & Ronan Kinsella
Stamford England
I would do it again tomorrow..

The balloon flight was a surprise for my husbands birthday, but WOW it was a fantastic day for all three of us. Thank's to Capt Jon and his bad jokes for making this one of the best and most memorable things we've done in Orlando. We'd definitely recommend your company to anyone flying in Orlando and one day we'd love to return for another flight with you.



Paul Wentworth / Darin Elliott
Portsmouth NH USA

I would do it again tomorrow..

This was the most incredible experience of my life. I am terrified of heights and had no fear what so ever. Jon our pilot made this a fun and interesting flight.  Jon was full of knowledge and answered all of our questions.  From Jeff and Jon all the way to the ground crew this was made to be a truly wonderful and memory filled day. I can't thank them enough for their kindness and look forward to flying with them again. Thank again to all of you. You new friends in New Hampshire,


Darin Elliott and Paul Wentworth.


Susan Foster
York  England

Yes I have flown with you!

My Mum has always wanted to fly in a balloon so I booked this flight as a surprise treat for her 72nd birthday. It was a fantastic experience and Mum really enjoyed it (as did my daughter and me!)I will recommend your company to everyone! Thanks to Jon, Pat and Jeff for making Mums dream come true and leaving us all with a magical memory.



Bruce Borey
Woodbridge VA US
Yes I have flown with you!

All of us enjoyed the flight very much. Hot air balloons are clearly your passion. We learned a lot about flying hot air balloons. We particularly enjoyed your willingness to interact with the passengers throughout the experience, and answer questions. We enjoyed participating in the launch and recovery aspects of the flight, and the post-flight champagne toast was a nice touch. Then to top it all off we got a free breakfast at the hotel afterwards. Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience for myself and for my family.



Curt Brown
Naperville IL US
Yes I have flown with you!

This was our first flight and it was an unforgettable experience. John Thompson was our pilot and he gave us the ride of our life...clipping pine trees & skimming lakes. I would definitely recommend him for a great adventure! All of the folks were friendly & upbeat. I think we have found a new passion! thanks for the memories & hope to see you again real soon! The Brown's



You can See Joe and Jill before their flight and the Wedding Proposal if you look on the calendar on may 5th 2009




Paul Morgan


Hi Jeff we flew with you on 5th April and I just want to say thanks as you made my wife very happy. A balloon ride is something she's wanted to do since a child. The experience was awesome and something the whole family would recommend. You and your company were excellent and very professional. So thanks once again Paul, Lesley and family.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for a fantastic balloon ride! Very glad we chose you! Mom can't stop talking about it. Lots of great photos so I thought you might enjoy a few of you!

Many thanks!!!

Sandra Chiappetta




Chris Roth and Jessica Ograbisz
Williamsville NY USA
 Yes I have flown with you!

The flight was incredible and everyone was very professional. This will be a day we will remember forever and not just because we got engaged. The scenery was beautiful and it felt like we were on cloud nine. We definitely will recommend you to anyone interested in flying in Orlando. Special thanks to our pilot John.


Mike Metz and Michelle Jacobs
Kissimmee / Miami FL USA
 Yes I have flown with you!

Jeff, Jon, and the crew,
Thank you so much for the experience. That proposal could not have gone over any better than it did. Both of us told our friends and they all think there is no way to top ours. The flight, the breakfast, and the experience were all outstanding and breathtaking! Thank you so much for making our special day so memorable and so personal! We will never forget this, for as long as we live. Hope to fly with you guys again!
Very Truly Yours,
Mike and Michelle


Rachel Pengelly & Gwenllian
Swansea Wales UK
Yes I have flown with you!

Many thanks for an exceptional experience. Jon was a fantastic pilot, and he was able to reassure my 9 year old daughter with his professional attitude and pleasant demeanor. Of the balloon flights I have been on, yours was certainly the most pleasant and intimate. I will certainly fly with you again and recommend that anyone who is considering a balloon flight, book with Thompson Aire. The whole team were fantastic, even if the jokes were terrible, sorry Jeff!!! All the best to you all, me him & them. (Rachel, David, Rhodri, Gwen & Cai) XXXXXXX


Linda Holmes
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Yes I have flown with you!

OMG! I put Hot Air Ballooning on my "To Do List for 2009" and what a sense of contentment. I am very proud that have I've able to accomplished one of my Lifelong Goals. It Far Exceeded Any of My Expectations! To watch the sunrise, floating in the air on that perfect morning is a memory I'll cherish FOREVER. Thank You Thompson Family - You're The Best!

Matthew Miller

Flown with you!

We flew with you on 07/18/08. We just booked our 2nd flight for 05/07/2009. We are taking Grandma for her 70th birthday (her first flight) I realize this is only a request, but we would love to fly with Captain Jeff again. Once you fly with the best it is hard to imagine flying with anyone else. Captain Jeff was able to call his landing the center of a manhole from miles away and hit it dead on. I will forever be impressed!



Sandy McCulloch
 Halifax Canada
Yes I have flown with you!

Hi Jeff,
Well here we are back in the frigid cold.
I wanted to let you and your staff know just how much I enjoyed the experience with you all. I cannot explain to my friends the thrill of hot air ballooning. You did warn me that we would not be able to explain how it felt and you were soooo right. I will never forget you and the special day I had. Thanks for your expertise and of course...your jokes!!! Sandy



Dan Thompson (no relation)
Altamonte Springs FL. USA
Yes I have flown with you!

Thompson Aire provided my fianc and I an engagement present that we will never forget.

The crew was friendly and professional. Our captain, Jeff, was not only entertaining, but thoroughly versed in all things ballooning.

I would have to say that this must be the best ballooning company in the US, as I honestly couldn't imagine a better experience.




James Smith and Eugenia Racioppa
Utica NY United States
Yes I have flown with you!


I would recommend this company to anyone who would like to experience the amazing feeling to riding in a hot air balloon. Not only did I do something that I have been wanting to do my entire life; my boyfriend proposed during our flight! Thompson Aire did a wonderful job and certainly helped make one of the most important days in my life memorable. Thank You! I will NEVER forget it!

Eugenia Racioppa (Soon to be Smith) and James Smith



Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maxfield
Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
I would do it again tomorrow..

It was an experience of a lifetime and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Ballooning has now been crossed off my husbands bucket list. You and your staff were very experienced, informative and a pleasure to fly with.



Vincent Hreso
Tamarac Florida USA
I would do it again tomorrow..
1-8-09I would do it again tomorrow!

After looking all over for the perfect balloon company for my marriage proposal I found TA. I read the entire site and googled the company and found nothing but positive things about it. From start to finish TA met and exceeded my expectations. Capt. Jeff and the whole ground crew were very helpful and made a very stressful proposal very easy. The balloon ride itself was amazing. Words cant describe the experience. The whole morning was like something out of a fairytale, from floating above the clouds and fog to watching a beautiful sunrise. I will definitely be back for my anniversary. Thanks for an amazing day! Oh I almost forgot, thanks for the corny jokes too. LOL



Jerry and Jeanne Kohls
West Chester Ohio Untied StatesI would do it again tomorrow!
I would do it again tomorrow..

This was the highlight of our trip to Kissimmee. We appreciated the enthusiasm, experience, sincerity and knowledge of the whole crew. Jon, our pilot, really personalized our flight and made it special. We highly recommend your group to everyone. Thanks for a truly memorable experience!

See Jeanne and Jerry's photos at.



Sandi Barnhill
Pittsburgh PA USAYes I have flown with you.
Yes I have flown with you!


This was the greatest experience I have ever had. Our pilot Doug will always remember me since I asked if we had just hit an air pocket (his name was Steve)! Dave and I loved our trip, I would highly recommend this to anyone that has ever wanted to do it. You don't even feel like you are moving. It was beautiful....


Steven A. & Jackie Smith
Savannah Ga. U.S.A.I would do it again tomorrow!
I would do it again tomorrow..

WOW, I told my wife I was going to get her "high" while we were on our honeymoon she had no IDEA what I was talking about until I woke her up in the middle of the night for the flight she had a HUGE smile the whole time it was breath taking seeing the sun rise over the horizon WE cant wait to get HIGH again!!!!! If you are thinking about doing this go for it, words can't make you feel what it's like in the "AIRE"

Steven A. & Jackie G.




Vaimana and Ashley Conner
Shalimar, FL. USAI would do it again tomorrow!
I would do it again tomorrow..

INCREDIBLE! Thank you very much for the very enjoyable experience. This was our first time and we quickly realized that you need to be talented and skilled to launch, fly, and land. The gang at Thompson Aire have that skill. Definitely recommend Thompson Aire.



Donna MaggittiI would do it again tomorrow!
West Creek NJ USA
I would do it again tomorrow..

Well I can say that the third time is a charm. After two days of fog we finally had the experience one can never forget. As I tell others about the flight I still have the biggest grin that no-one who hasn't flown would understand. I will recommend your flight to anyone. Thanks Jeff for a wonderful experience.



Todd & Rachel Champagne
 Paradis LA U.S
 Yes I have flown with you! 11/20/2008

Hey Jeff and crew,
Incredibly awesome experience!!!
Much more than words can describe!!! Jeff, your knowledge, experience, personality and professionalism rates an absolute 10!!! We've already started spreading the word to friends and family. Anyone looking for a real "once in a lifetime experience" needs to fly with you! Thanks again for some beautiful memories!!!


Ralph & Ann Schuiling
Melbourne Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!  11/02/08

A great flight. We had a very smooth launch, ride, and a very smooth landing. All the more enjoyable by seeing two other distant balloons bouncing along in unsmooth landings while ours was like a feather. The views were tremendous. It was a very professional, yet personal operation. Hope to go again some day



Tony Clayson
Manchester, UK
Yes I have flown with you!

What a fantastic experience !! the kids have not stopped talking about it and Jeff and John are truly brilliant pilots. It is definitely a magical experience and we will be recommending Thompson Aire to all our friends who visit Florida. Keep up the great work 'cos we will be back !!


Lakewood CO USA
Yes I have flown with you!

Had a Wonderful Time! I have been watching the web site for your SC trip and so excited for your win! Thanks for a great time, my son has been telling all his friends back at school how much fun it was and wont stop playing with his cork-top balloon you made him. Thanks for a wonderful memory (flight and landing) We will be sure to see you again. Thanks!

Joey Scruggs

Columbia TN USA
Flown with you!


It is a couple of weeks after our flight and my mind is still floating high in the clouds. Thank you for making my life-long dream come true. It is a memory that I will carry with me forever. May God bless you and your team with many more happy flights.

Joey Scruggs, Pastor, Preschool Ministries, FBC Columbia, TN.



Mark & Gina Scoughton
Sandwich IL USA
Yes I have flown with you!

It was the coolest experience, like floating on air. We learned so much. We had the best time. And believe it or not family in the Chicago area even heard about a balloon landing in a subdivision on the national news! They realized it wasn't us on the video, but how exciting, they knew we would be ballooning on our trip.


Keith & Linda Montz
North Augusta SC USA
I would do it again tomorrow..

FANTASTIC!!! An absolutely fantastic experience with a landing that will never be surpassed even on our next flight with Jeff! My only regret is that we did not go earlier during our vacation so that we could have scheduled a second ride! It was fabulous, scenery was great, but Jeff's willingness to explain everything is what made it that much greater! What an absolutely wonderful way to start a day!!! Anyone who has ever thought about riding in a hot air balloon needs to go with CAPT Jeff! We will be back again and again

Keith & Linda Montz
North Augusta, SC



Henk Kikkert

The Netherlands

Yes, I'd do it again tomorrow


Hello Jeff,

Being a (non pro) aviator myself, I was amazed by your competence and professionalism. Top notch! Except for having excellent flying skills, you also proved to be a talented communicator and entertainer. This is just as valuable as the experience of flight. Your mission statement "perfection is not our goal, it is our standard" tells it all. We have had a lot of fun. Yes, I'd do it again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on. Hope you qualify for the national championship next year. I'm sure anyone will have a very hard time beating you!

Personal greetings from The Netherlands,
Henk Kikkert



Jeff Helen Moira Kyle Brett Ryan Julie
Northampton England
Yes I have flown with you!


Just wanted to say that we all really enjoyed the balloon ride with you on our holiday, as Jeff stated it was hard to describe how it is to someone apart from, quiet, smooth (until landing!), peaceful, even a video clip will not describe the feeling, it was an excellent day from start to finish including Jeff's jokes, well worth the Money spent, Thank you to all the staff that makes it possible.


Steve Fairweather
I am on your calendar!
21st June 2008

What can I say .It was awesome , the highlight of our holiday ,just like walking into magic kingdom and meeting Mickey and Minnie for the first time. we have shown our pictures on your website to those at work ,school and friends and family and will continue to do so ,when they ask "what did you do on holiday." When i come onto your website and hear you Capt Jeff speaking about ballooning ,it's just as if you are sitting at our table at breakfast. Even my daughter ,the one who doesn't like mornings, the one you called sunshine princess spoke of our awesome and amazing it was, so to get some comment from her is a triumph indeed. Again thanks for the memories and to your self and family also Doug our pilot thanks from the bottom of our hearts .As Arnie says we will be back.



Karolyn Noughton`
Ft Myers FL USA
Yes I have flown with you!

Thank you for a fantastic flight! We were in awe of Capt. Jeff Thompson's flight skills and knowledge. We would HIGHLY recommend Thompson Air and can't wait to fly with you again. You show areas of Orlando that no car can get to, and take your passengers so close to nature, we took off from a cow pasture, flew close enough to count the ridges on the alligators back & landed in a pasture full of gorgeous horses! It was so very peaceful and beautiful. I can see why you love your job so much! Thank you again for the corny jokes and the great memories!


Robin Tibbitts
Melbourne Beach Florida US
 I would do it again tomorrow..6-15-2008

Dear Jeff, Christina and the rest of the gang,

Thank you for such a magical experience. We were celebrating my Mother's 82nd birthday and for all of us this will be a most special experience that we will remember always. The entire experience (including the jokes) was top-notch from start to finish. You were right when you said we would have a difficult time describing the experience. The best analogy that I could give is when I went skydiving that was the biggest adrenaline rush and an unbelievable experience, our balloon flight was every bit the same rush but it was in the most peaceful, serene,zen-like way.

Thanks again for an unforgettable day!





James & Linda Bryant
Jacksonville FL USA
I am on your calendar!

What a FANTASTIC experience! My wife Linda surprised me with the flight for my birthday and what a surprise it was. Capt Jeff and his ground crew were excellent hosts and very informative. This has to rank as one of the best if not the best birthday presents ever! Thank you Linda for your creativity and for making this birthday one that I will never forget!!!



Melanie and Dean Atkinson
Orlando Florida USA
Yes I have flown with you!


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful memories that we know get to carry with us. We both enjoyed learning about ballooning and the ride itself was absolutely breathtaking! Even the "jokes" were great. Thanks for the professionalism and kindness.
We will return and recommend to all of our friends and family to you. Melanie and Dean


Paul McInerny
Dana Point California  USA
Yes I have flown with you!

During our week long vacation in Orlando, Florida, we scheduled an airboat ride, hot air balloon and swimming with Manatee's. Without a doubt, Captain Jeff and his happy crew were the best hosts in town. Although safety is of the utmost concern, they have not forgotten what it means to have a good time...even at 6:00 am! And after the ride, they don't just drop you off and disappear. They were there throughout the following breakfast and made sure everyone was treated well by the restaurant staff. Without a doubt, this was by far the best value for the money during our vacation. Yes, the flight was incredible, but it was Captain Jeff and his crew that really, really made it all worth while. You want to feel special instead of just another tourist shelling out money? Go with Captain Jeff and crew. You will not be disappointed!
Ling & Paul Flight 4/10/08



Rex and Jill Cory
I would do it again tomorrow..

Flight Date. 27/3/06

Dear Capt. Jeff
Thank you for an amazing experience. We had a perfect morning for the flight and we have looked at the video and pictures again and again. Thank you too for the personal attention and being so kind to our two grandchildren. They certainly will never forget the flight. Luke is still wearing his baseball bed!!! Jill and Rex Cory



Dear Capt. Jeff,

Hope that you are feeling better and am sorry that we did not get to meet you. I took a balloon ride on Feb. 29 and just wanted you to know what a magnificant job your brother Jon did as pilot as well as the rest of the crew. From liftoff to landing the flight was fantastic and Jon, Pat, and Kim made it a very personal, educational and memorable experience not only for me but for my wife and friends who were there to witness it. I would recommend Thompson Aire to anyone who would like to take a balloon ride and in particular with Jon as the pilot.  His skills, knowledge and enthusiasm make one feel very confident and safe.  We had alot of laughs along the way and the saying on your T-Shirts is certainly true in that the jokes are the most dangerous Part of the Flight!!

Again, I hope you are feeling better and are off of the couch and flying again.

Best of Luck, and here's to Many Gentle winds and Soft Landings,

Glen Dear




Ruthie Thompson
Brentwood New York  

Past passenger? Yes. 

Flight Sunday July 1 2007

I will now have a yearly tradition when I visit FL every year! Everything everyone has said here is absolutely true. I am still searching for the right words to describe the feelings I had during my first flight...I was is in awe and still am. Looking up at the balloons this morning over the house I envy them. I still can't stop smiling, the champagne toast with the baloonists prayer had me holding back tears.  Jeff thanks so much for sharing your part of the world and your pure joy, it made my first time unforgettable.. you know what they say you never forget your 1st  no one could ever compare!  All the best at Nationals, please keep in touch, Ruthie


Phil and Terry Hoyer
Cudahy Wi 

Past passenger? Yes. 

Flight May 2nd

This was for my wife's birthday. Jeff piloting is fantastic. Flew us past a fountain and stop us o top of a pine tree for a sample. To Jim [Jeff's dad]] see you here in Wisc. the end of August at Wisc, Rapids



David and Jennie Frey
Davenport, FL  

Past passenger? Yes. 

Flight May 6, 2007

WOW!!! What else can be said? Jeff and his entire crew are awesome. Within 5 minutes, I knew I was with the right people. Jeff's love of hot air balloons and knowledge of the sport is amazing and infectious. Where do I pick up an application?!?!



 Tim, Lenni, Brook, Dan, Alex, Sam
Hemingford NE 69348  

Past passenger? Just Once!  

Flight 24 Feb 07



Wonderful flight! Great Captain! Up, up and away!!!!! You know it's the best thing ever when your little nieces talk about the balloon ride more than about Disney World! I have dreamed about this for years and now I know we will go again! The little girls love their T-shirts too! All 6 of us are still talking about the history of ballooning! Sammy talks about catching the cork! Thanks for a great first balloon ride Jeff. You made us work for it, but what a wonderful memory we all have! Up, up and away!!!!


Ann Adamson
Peterborough England. 

Past passenger? Yes. 

Flight 30/1/2007

I wanted to thank Jeff for making my first balloon flight one of the best experiences of my life. I have a terrible fear of heights which never bothered me once during the flight and I cannot wait to come back to Orlando and do it all again. Thank you sooooo much and yes....I am STILL smiling. I will recommend you to everyone.


Holger Hartmann

Cologne Past passenger? with Jeff

Flight in 1998


Hi Jeff, You flew with me in 1998. I am the pilot from Germany. You gave me the rates for the next balloon size. We had together wonderful flights. You have a very nice web site! If you need a pilot for your company, I would fly with pleasure for you. Wish you always Glck ab und gut Land. Greetings from Germany, Holger Hartmann



Past passenger yes

Flight August 6th


It was the best experience of our lives even our 8 year old daughter loved it, well except for the landing part but that was just down right funny. Thank you sooo much again for a wonderful time in the air. It was very memorable. We will be back to do it all over again.




Rosie Wilder

Oviedo Florida

Past passenger yes

Flight April 29, 2006


Flying in a balloon is like floating on a bubble. There's absolutely nothing scary about it, and Jeff makes the flight so much fun! I hated to see the flight end.



Rodger Barnett

Past passenger Yes

Flight 21 Apr 2006


Thank you once again for being our pilot on this flight. This was the most the fantastic experience for our family. It fulfilled my wife's ambition to take a balloon flight. It is an experience that words cannot easily describe. Your expertise, professionalism, and skills make the experience something to treasure forever. The jokes however are something else! If you are going to take a Florida balloon ride - then without doubt, I give Thompson Aire my fullest recommendation!  6 Stars******


Misleidys Perez
Miami Past passenger Yes

Flight April 22, 2006


It was a beautiful, relaxing experience. It was very special b/c i was able to enjoy it with my 4 year old and my six year old son! it was great I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy something different!



Paul Mackley
Bristol, England 

Past passenger yes twice 

Flight 15th and 20th April 2006


Message: Just a quick note to say thanks for the second most memorable experience of my recent stay (it would have been the first but I guess that had better be my wedding) Having flown with Jeff before when I found out Thompson Aire existed there was never any other choice in my opinion. Although my new wife is a little unhappy with you for making me more determined to learn to fly than ever!



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