Balloon Flights in the Disney World area of Orlando Florida.  Rides Flown Daily at sunrise in Central Florida. Over35 Years Experience!

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Thompson Aire is a Family owned and Family operated balloon business.  We love what we do and we love making first class memories for you and your family.  We only put 4 to 6 passengers in a balloon.  Our balloons have SEATS! 

You WILL find cheaper rides on the internet.  There are many reasons for this.  One of the biggest is that you will share your flight with up to 20 other people.  Make sure you ask how many others will be sharing your special family event? 

We also include a FULL BUFFET breakfast!  After the flight you will be HUNGRY.  Feeding you a continental breakfast out of a picknic basket out in a field somewhere or no breakfast at all is a poor way to start your day. Good luck if you need a restroom or want to wash your hands before you eat. They do have wipes for your hands. Then you can use the wipe to swat the bugs and wipe the sweat from your forehead!  Thompson Aire passengers eat breakfast in a restaurant with an Omelet Chef on duty right by our tables!    We have Restrooms where you can wash your hands and eat while you enjoy a bug free air-conditioned environment in a private dining area inside a comfortable sit down restaurant!

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Honestly the price difference will completely go away with the first class service you will receive.  Go to the Guest Book and read what others have said and then Call Thompson Aire! 

Thanks  Jeff A Thompson

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As of 2014 the Thompson brothers (Jeff & Jon) have now won the Florida State Champion title 9 years in a ROW!

Jon Thompson 2005,2006,2008

Jeff Thompson 2007,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013.


If you are choosing who to fly with in the Orlando and Disney World area we really think the choice is easy.  Fly with the pilots who rank among the best in the entire United States!  Fly with Thompson Aire!






Hot Air Balloon Rides.  Orlando Florida near Disney World. 

Hot Air Balloon Flights operated by Thompson Aire are conducted 7 days a week at sunrise.  Capt Thompson is the most experienced hot air balloon pilot in the Orlando area.  Jeff has been  licensed to fly balloons for over 38 years.  Passionate about flying his entire life, his enthusiasm and knowledge will have you spellbound.

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If you are going to be in Orlando or coming to the Disney parks don't miss one of the most spectacular rides of your life.  A hot air balloon ride!  See the real Florida by floating effortlessly across the pristine beauty that is the real Florida.  Tour areas absolutely untouched by human hands.  Nature in all of its awesome glory.  This is an experience you will talk about the rest of your life.  Thompson Aire provides hot air balloon passenger flights 7 days a week in and around the Disney World area of central Florida.  Click here to learn more about our daily flight program.

Capt. Thompson is a 38 year veteran balloon pilot.  As a resident of Florida for over18 years, his knowledge of the area is an education in itself.  His skills as a pilot will simply astound and amaze you.  Yes there are others you can fly with but none with the passion and expertise as Thompson Aire.Capt. Jeff at 17 yrs old!  

Earning his pilots certification at age 16 Captain Thompson's life ambition has been this mesmerizing form of flight.  No matter what your age you will be entertained and in awe with this spectacular old world form of flight.

Space is limited and flights are weather permitting so book your flight in advance!


Want to see more video about ballooning hosted by our very own Capt Jeff.  Click here


Offering Hot Air Balloon flights, Balloon rides, aerial tours, rides, sightseeing trips, weddings, flight instruction and family fun!




The ED YOST master Pilot Award. 

Only ONE in the state of Florida and only about 6 in the United States that you can fly with! 



Competition News


The 2012 BFA National Ranking is now final. The winners of the $5,000 purse are listed below. Congratulations to Johnny Petrehn of Kansas on his superb year in taking the top overall spot among the 154 pilots that achieved an average. Other winners include Joe Heartsill as the top senior, Christine Bertsch as the top female, DJ Stukas as the top rookie, and finally Michael Johnson as the most improved pilot, moving up 118 places from his ranking in 2011. The remaining winners included those pilots that finished among the top 21. Please note that there are several changes going into effect regarding the 2013 National Ranking which can be found in this year's rule book. Congratulations again to all the winners for 2012. Good luck in 2013!






Johnny Petrehn

Top Pilot


Joe Heartsill

Top Senior


Christine Bertsch

Top Female


DJ Stukas

Top Rookie


Michael Johnson

Most Improved


Rhett Heartsill

Top 21


Nick Donner

Top 21


Paul Petrehn

Top 21


Matt Fenster

Top 21


Chase Donner

Top 21


Bradley Craig

Top 21


Shawn Raya

Top 21


Chris Smart

Top 21


Scott Armstrong

Top 21


Brooke Owen

Top 21


Phil Clinger

Top 21


Mark Sullivan

Top 21


Todd Isley

Top 21


Branden Bloom

Top 21


Jeff Thompson

Top 21


Steve King

Top 21


Harold Graves

Top 21


Drew Egerton

Top 21



Aug 2012

Jeff Thompson awarded the Jon Russell award at United States National Balloon Classic.  



Aug 2012

Captain Jeff is currently the 17 ranked pilot in the U.S.  He is also the highest ranked pilot from the state of Florida making him the 2012 Florida State Champion.   Now for 8 years straight the Florida State Champion has been a Thompson and Jeff has won it 5 out of the last 6 years.


Aug 2011

Jeff Thompson at the Indianola Iowa race finished 12th overall and posted a National Ranking score of 873.6 This average should rank him amongst the top TEN pilots in the United States and award him the 2011 Florida State Champion title.


Balloon Federation Ranking


It is official.  Capt. Jeff A. Thompson finished 2011 ranked number 10 in the United States and the 2011 Florida State Champion.  Captain Thompson has now been State Champ for three years straight!





Ever wonder what a competition flight is like?

 The video here on the right was taken at the US National Balloon Classic in Iowa.  This is a four target flight.  Click PLAY and ride along!

For more balloon video click on the TA Videos page or visit the Video page at 

 Neal Boortz & Capt. Jeff

Would you like to learn more about ballooning? Do you want to find a Balloon Ride operator in a different part of the  country?  Are you interested in learning to fly a balloon?  Would you like to know where a balloon festival is located in your area?  All things balloon.

Sean Hannity and Capt Jeff Thompson


Sean & Capt Jeff

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Florida Telephone Area Codes  Postal Zip Codes

While in the Central Florida area there is much to see and do. After enjoying your balloon flight, visit the Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World, the Daytona Beach area, or even the Kennedy Space Center. For all you sports fans, don't forget the Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, or Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

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Jeff Thompson has been awarded a Directors Award from the Balloon Federation of America for his work with the BFA Hall of Fame committee.  Inside the website Jeff created a storage and work area for all the files used in choosing Hall-of-Famers.  Please help support the site become a member.

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