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We sure hope you enjoy some of these videos.  Some are rolex replica president watch professionally done and some are just ones we elf bar flavours have made.


Mass Launch in time lapse at the National Balloon Classic.  An event we have been attending as a family for more than 40 years.

From the Beginning of time.  Over 40 years Capt Jeff Thompson has been involved in flying hot air balloons.

Special Needs Passenger gets the flight of her life!


Make sure you have tissues ready for this one.  This was a documentary that was done on Capt. Jeff.  The Film Crew followed us around for days.  We had no idea what they were going to make. In the end the mastery of their craft was way better than the subject matter.  Hats off to the gang.

Below is the same video but in a much higher resolution.  Thanks Nick!


This is a very Fun Video.  One of our pilots stuck his head in front of the camera one day and said his name and where he was.  My wife mocked him at a landing site one morning and then everyone started to do it.  This video was made from video collected over 3 years.  we viewed more than 80 hours of video from 350 flights to gather this selection of clips.  We simply call the video "Landing Clips".  It is a little long but a very fun video.

This was one of those flights where we got to play in the swamps almost the entire flight.  REAL PRETTY DAY..

Here is a landing where we had a very small spot along a nice 4 lane parkway.  Just enough room to stet the balloon down and no extra room at all.

Ava Marie Thompson's first flight. January 6th 2012  Ava was 7 months old at the time.  This would make her the youngest Thompson to fly in a balloon.  As of this posting 01/08/2018 she is now 6 years old and has made 8 balloon flights.

A perfect landing.  I leveled the balloon off so well that I did not even have to touch the controls.  The balloon with hands off slid to a stop on its own.  We call this video "Look mom no hands"

Ain't as good as I once was,

This is a great little (FUN) video.

When I was a kid I was highly ranked in the world of hot air balloon competition.  I did not compete for nearly 20 years and at the urging of my father I got back into competition in 2005.  My first competition after 20 years, was the National Balloon Classic in Iowa.  This event draws 100 of the best pilots in the country.  I finished 9th place.  Then went on the the National Championships and finished 14th in the country. Not bad for the first two competitions in 20 years.
I went on to win a major event in Statesville NC.  I was ranked as the #10 pilot in the country  and racked up 6 Florida State Championship titles.  I also flew the Harley Davidson balloon into the target in Indianola and my passenger picked a ring off the pole!  So even after 20 years of being out of competition,  I was able to get back in, and hang with the best of them out there.  That is what prompted the creation of this video.  Thanks to Toby Keith for makeing such a fun and fitting song.

This video has photos spanning 40 years of ballooning.  Enjoy.

Here is a video created by one of our passengers.  Pretty slick.


Another Passenger video.  Not so fancy with just audio and no music.