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Why Should I Choose Thompson Aire?

Here is why Our program is simply the best by far in the southeastern United States.


The entire Thompson Family has a history spanning more than 40 years and three generations in the world of ballooning. Jeff has been ranked as one of the top pilots in the country for 40 years.  Jon has also been a state and regional champion as well as finishing in the 15 top in the
National Hot Air Balloon Championships.  Father Jim Thompson has finished in the top ten 6 times at the national championships as well as serving one term as president and 20 years on the Board of Directors  of the Balloon Federation nailfactoryrolex of America.  Tyler Thompson in his first year in balloon competition ranked in the top 25 in the country.  The Florida state champion has been a Thompson for 11 years!  You simply cannot fly with anyone who has more expertise, knowledge or skill when it comes to flying a balloon.


Each and every one of our staff LOVES what we are doing.  Every day we look forward to creating memories you will treasure for the rest of your life.  We go out to fly even when we don't have passengers and when we take a vacation it is usually to go to a balloon race or festival somewhere.  I know it is hard to believe but we actually do on vacation what we do every day for you!  I have no doubt that once you have come and flown with us you will easily see the passion we have for this and will be caught up in it  just like we are. Have a read thru our "Guest Book" and see how many comments talk about Passion, Professional and Expertise

O there is the next reason.....


The average flight experience of our pilots is 30 years!  As hard as that is to believe we have the top pilots in the entire state of Florida flying for Thompson Aire.  The Thompson Family pilots are ranked as some of the best in the whole country and have been for FOUR DECADES!

When your life depends on it you simply must choose the best you can, for yourself, and your family.  Nothing, simply nothing beats experience.  We have assembled the finest group of pilot's and ground support teams in the entire state of Florida.  Every day we go out and earn our wings.  Nothing is left to chance and only the best is good enough.  We have over the years never stopped trying to make our program better and better.  We still today continue  to learn from each flight and will do even better tomorrow.

Capt Thompson is the ONLY level *DA8 pilot in the central Florida. There are only two  DA8's in the entire state of Florida.

To give you an idea of how hard that level is to obtain, there are only 32 in the whole United States! and TWO of them are Thompson's.

*DA8 is the HIGHEST pilot achievement level obtainable by the Balloon Federation of America.  See for more info


All of our pilots are active flight instructors.  No one knows there stuff better than the people who teach it.  More than that they love sharing that knowledge with everyone so your flight experience will be even more enhanced since your pilot will not only amaze you with his flight skills but involve you in what is going on and how they do it.  Imagine going to a magic show and the magician took the time to show you how they did it!!!  We take the time to point out all the spectacular sites of this area and at the same time simply amaze you with the control of the aircraft itself.  You simply must do this to believe it.
We use the "Three E Method" with our passengers.  Engage, Entertain & Enlighten.  From the start we want you to have fun, participate and you may even learn a few things.
As Capt Thompson likes to say.  "Engage Entertain and Enlighten and now you have made an Experience!"


Jeff Thompson has attended the manufacture's repairman's seminar and has passed with certification for repairs not once, but twice!  His desire for perfection extends to every piece of equipment we own.  All of our aircraft are cared for like a mother cares for a child.  You can even ask our competitors and they too will tell you our equipment is spotless.  Every small detail is looked after keeping our balloons and trucks and all our support gear in the best possible condition.  This maximizes your safety and comfort!


From the minute you arrive until that last morsel of the buffet breakfast, we will look after your every need.  We pride ourselves on our program and strive to make each and every person feel as if you were actually part of the team!  After your flight you will not only suffer from the beauty that is a balloon flight but you will have a profound sense of accomplishment and an overwhelming urge to tell everyone you know about your experience with Thompson Aire. 
Believe it or not we do not charge you for your flight until after the flight and every day people tell us it was worth every penny.  Imagine a three to four hour program you will be talking about for years to come. 
Our program has been developed over 30 years of flying balloons and ten's of Thousands of passengers.  We know without a doubt we have a superb, second to none program with something in it for every member of your family. 

Family Oriented

The Thompson Family started flying with Jeff at the tender age of 15 years old.  He purchased his fist balloon by the age of 17 and started taking his whole family for rides.  Mother, (Connie) Father, (Jim) Two Brothers, (Jay and Jon) and Sister (Jule) where the original ground team. 
All of our nieces and nephews have flown by the time they were 3 years old.  Now there are three Thompson Family Pilots and we are in our third generation of family fliers.
We all grew up with ballooning as part of our family heritage and love nothing more that creating memories you and your family can look back on for YEARS to come as one of the greatest things you have ever done TOGETHER as we do.

From start to finish

I can say with out a doubt you will enjoy your time with us.  More than just the balloon flight our program will leave you feeling just like these kind emails from our past passengers.
If you are going to fly in a balloon, and Orlando is a great place to fly, come with Thompson Aire.  I promise you will have the time of your life and will feel just like the emails you have been reading along the right side of this page.  For more  emails like this visit the page or the TA Guest Book.
I hope to see you soon.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.   We truly can not wait  to make wonderful memories for you as well..
Jeff A Thompson

Here is what our passengers have said about us.

Jeff Thompson recipient of the

ED YOST Master Pilot award.
The Master Pilot award is presented to a pilot with 40 designer replica bags years of incident free safe flight.  There are very few across the United States.
I don't know where to begin to tell what an amazing experience is hot air ballooning. I don't understand why it's not one of Orlando's top attractions. Certainly beats all Disney's attractions. Also, wanted to thank you the great customer experience you gave us. You were able to pass on to my parents and grandparents your passion for ballooning that you have cultivated during so many years. I can't wait to take my daughter on one of your flights for her 5th year-old birthday. With your warm camaraderie and your excellence in flying balloons, I have no doubt that she will be in safe hands. Jeff you're the number one attraction in Orlando and also the best kept secret !
Ruthie Thompson
Brentwood New York  
Flight Sunday July 1 2007
I will now have a yearly tradition when I visit FL every year! Everything everyone has said here is absolutely true. I am still searching for the right words to describe the feelings I had during my first flight...I was is in awe and still am. Looking up at the balloons this morning over the house I envy them. I still can't stop smiling, the champagne toast with the balloonists prayer had me holding back tears.  Jeff thanks so much for sharing your part of the world and your pure joy, it made my first time unforgettable.. you know what they say you never forget your 1st  no one could ever compare!  All the best at Nationals, please keep in touch, Ruthie
Rodger Barnett
Past passenger Yes
Flight 21 Apr 2006
Thank you once again for being our pilot on this flight. This was the most the fantastic experience for our family. It fulfilled my wife's ambition to take a balloon flight. It is an experience that words cannot easily describe. Your expertise, professionalism, and skills make the experience something to treasure forever. The jokes however are something else! If you are going to take a Florida balloon ride - then without doubt, I give Thompson Aire my fullest recommendation!  6 Stars******

Paul McInerny
Dana Point California  USA

During our week long vacation in Orlando, Florida, we scheduled an airboat ride, hot air balloon and swimming with Manatee's. Without a doubt, Captain Jeff and his happy crew were the best hosts in town. Although safety is of the utmost concern, they have not forgotten what it means to have a good time...even at 6:00 am! And after the ride, they don't just drop you off and disappear. They were there throughout the following breakfast and made sure everyone was treated well by the restaurant staff. Without a doubt, this was by far the best value for the money during our vacation. Yes, the flight was incredible, but it was Captain Jeff and his crew that really, really made it all worth while. You want to feel special instead of just another tourist shelling out money? Go with Captain Jeff and crew. You will not be disappointed!

You and your crew really are what make your company click.  You made us feel right at home and I liked the fact we weren't just dropped off after the flight.  Those little details are what convinced me that your company is unique in its approach to customer service.  Let everyone know how much that meant to our family.  It sets you apart from a lot of other tourist attractions and you have set the industry standard.  You're a outstanding pilot, a great comedian and businessman who applies the personal touch.  That is what makes you so successful, in my book.
Rex and Jill Cory
I would do it again tomorrow..
Dear Capt. Jeff
Thank you for an amazing experience. We had a perfect morning for the flight and we have looked at the video and pictures again and again. Thank you too for the personal attention and being so kind to our two grandchildren. They certainly will never forget the flight. Luke is still wearing his baseball bed!!! Jill and Rex Cory
Dear all,
I celebrated my 40th Birthday with a balloon flight in April and my only regret was not having done it the previous times I have visited Florida!
I loved the "hands on" approach (making getting up at so early worth it...... helping with the inflation stopped me dozing off) and the constant joking from Jeff had me in stitches on many an occasion.....he was also incredibly informative about all things "balloon" as well as the surrounding area, pointing out all interesting things along the way.  I really didn't expect to see across to Disney (the EPCOT ball particularly visible) so this was an added bonus.
I was very impressed by the professionalism of the whole team and the fact that their love and enthusiasm for ballooning was contagious.

Thank you to all who made my day so enjoyable and to anyone reading this, book now, it'll be the best thing you've ever done!  Look at the photos if you need any more persuasion!

P.S.  I also visited Discovery Cove this year, but the balloon flight was even better!


Sara, Steve and Rebecca Rout

Each and every one of the emails on this page are from real passengers and each and every one was totally unsolicited.  All of these kind words were sent to us from people who felt totally compelled to share there story with you reading this right now.  I promise you will feel the same way. 
See you real soon.